How To Use a Penis Pump

Using a Penis Pump | How To Use A Penis Pump

Penis Pump Users Guide | Penis Pump Uses

Penis Pumps Beginner Tips:

Penis  pumps are commonly used by most people to add to the length and size of their penises. Such pumps are intended to create a vacuum in a plastic or glass barrel shaped holder in which the penis is put. At the point when the pressure in the tubing increases, the penis swells. As a result of this tension, cells in the penis can sometimes reproduce and increase the penis size. By following the below tips – you can maximise the effectiveness of each pumping session.

Selecting A Penis Pump:

In selecting a penis development pump, you need to ensure that you pick the correct size tubing. If the tube is too small there will be no room to expand within the chamber and therefore increase size, if the chamber is too large then you run the risk of the penis bending if the air pressure is not equal as well as having your testicles sucked into the tubing. Sound fun? No, no it isn’t. So, remember to select the correct size tube. This is why LA Pump is one of the most popular brands of Penis Pumps. They have a large selection of various sizes – whereas a lot of the standard cock pumps will only come in one size tube. If you can afford it in the budget, grab a tube that has a pressure gauge on the side – like working out weights you can measure the PSI level and accurately determine where you’re up to, where you need to be up to rather than just guessing. Guess work will work just as well on the dick, as it will in the gym. You’re slowly building up a muscle, if you’re too all over the place with the pressure then you’re not using your time effectively and results will be much slower to achieve.

Once you have obtained your new penis pump- either by taking it home or picking it up from the post office make sure that you wash the chamber altogether with boiling point water and some either dish washing fluid or fluid hand cleanser.

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Before And During Each Pumping Session:

Before pumping, you must trim the hair from the specific district of your skin which will come into contact with the pump chamber, to make a decent seal. There is no need to completely shave, just ensure the hair is small enough that it’s no longer curling.You are also encouraged to do a warm-up routine to invigorate the blood flow in the penis to diminish the danger of harm while pumping. A simple warm-up action can be performed by drenching a towel in warm water, and gently pulling the shaft away from your body. Do this a few times and the take off the towel and gently massage your cock with slow, gentle twists and turns always moving away from the body.

At the point when you’re finished with the warm-up, stroke the penis to accomplish semi-erection or full-erection. Rub some thick waterbased lubricant to the point of contact with the pump barrel for a cozy seal. There should be a rubber ring at the base of the cylinder, ensure that there’s lubricant both on this ring and where this ring makes contact with the body. After that, fit the chamber over your penis with your balls hanging out, and pump. It may be a squeeze pump, a bicycle pump, or some other form of pump. You can ‘squeeze’ a couple of times then release the pressure through the emergency release button. Pump up the same amount, hold it for a few seconds and the release. Continue this routine, each time holding the pump for a few seconds longer unless it becomes painful. Over time, you can increase the amount of ‘squeezes’ you perform as well.

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Continue pressurizing the pump for 10 minutes, you don’t necessarily need to be in the bathroom when you do this – you’re allowed to do whatever you need that does require too much movement e.g. staring at the TV or surfing the net. After the 10 minutes, release the pressure from the chamber and remove it from your body. Touch and massage your cock for at least 3 minutes to return blood flow to ordinary. If at any stage your dick feels numb, remove the cylinder and begin massaging blood flow back into the shaft. Once you have returned to normal blood flow – you can return to this session and do another ten minute pumping session.

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If Using The Cock Pump To Develop An Erection

Then you need to pump up using the above method as well as ensuring that your cock ring has been placed over the cylinder and is ready to pull off onto your cock. Once you have gained an erection and held it for a short while remove the pressure and as your removing the cylinder you need to pull the cock ring onto the shaft to hold the blood in and maintain the erection. It is not recommended that you leave the cock ring on for more than twenty minutes.

After A Pumping Session

After every pumping session, do the hot towel wrap again as taught before to promote penis flow once more.  After every penis pump use, you ought to make sure that you wash the chamber with boiling hot water with a small amount of cleaning fluid.

Dangers Associated With Penis Pump Use

The penis pump with incorrect use can cause severe penis damage. Over pumping can cause bruising, tenderness or even rupture an artery. It is therefore extremely important that you take pumping slowly and carefully to avoid any damage – you also need to ensure that you do a warm up session, break session, and end of work out session to diminish the danger of physical harm. During use, if you notice anything such as pain or any spotting – remove the cylinder and pump and do not use the pump until the penis has returned to normal. If for whatever reason, any pain or swelling hasn’t gone down after a day or two – seek medical advice immediately. Also like working out – your cock needs a break. Under no circumstances should you be working out every day (unless you’re using it to only get an erection). Ensure that between each session you have a minimum of a day or two break.