How Do Gay Cam Performers Last So Long in Bed?

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There’s a lot of stigma and feelings of embarrassment when it comes to premature ejaculation for men. So how do porn actors Last So Long in Bed?


Premature ejaculation happens to people often because they’re inexperienced, while others’ bodies just work that way, and they require intense training to improve the time they ejaculate.


If you’ve watched a gay cam performer on a platform like or simply gay porn, you’ve probably noticed how long each scene can last. It makes you wonder how it’s possible to last so long.


Due to the nature of the sex, gay men require more preparation beforehand when compared to heterosexual men, who hardly need any preparation.


In return, this has made gay men much more disciplined when it comes to sex, and they’ve learned a few extra tricks when it comes to prolonging the pleasurable experience.


So, to stop you from wondering, the following article is going to look at five key reasons why gay cam performers can last so long in bed.


All men can take note of this, regardless of whether you’re gay, bi, or straight, so keep reading to find out how you can improve your sex life with little modifications.

Edging Your Penis


The first technique, prime for making you last longer in bed, is called edging.

Maybe you’ve heard all about it, but if you haven’t, let me explain what it is.


Edging represents stopping yourself from cumming every time you get close to the edge. You let the feeling subside and continue a few moments later once it’s passed.


If you keep doing that, your body naturally builds stamina, and your ejaculation time improves with each time you have sex.


If you watch gay cam performers, it’s a common thing they do in their shows. It’s also a big turn-on to watch someone have the power to stop themselves from cumming.


Yes, it’s not the easiest of exercises, and you may not always succeed in doing it, but with some practice, it will get easier, so definitely note it down.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, training your pelvic floor is not just for women. It can also be just as beneficial for men as well and help build stamina.


When we go to the gym, we train our legs, arms, and abs but often ignore this body part. We kind of forget about its existence and that it needs attention as well.


Since pelvic muscles lie right under the prostate and the rectum, It’s believed that weak pelvic muscles can lead to the inability to delay your ejaculation.


In return, if you do take the time to do pelvic floor exercises regularly, you can make it easier to stop yourself from ejaculating by strengthening your pelvic muscles.


Since gay cam performers place extra attention on their prostate and rectum during shows, it’s only normal that they also take care of their pelvic muscles.


So, keep this in mind next time you go for a workout. It will pay off!

Use of Sex Toys


Sex toys can be a great combination with edging. Since cam shows are meant to be longer than 10 minutes, gay performers must get creative in keeping it fun and exciting.


The use of interactive sex toys can be especially beneficial. One such example is a remote-controlled butt plug which can enhance the pleasure and edging process.


Even though the use of a vibrating plug wouldn’t necessarily make you ejaculate unless you’re very sensitive, it will significantly improve your experience.


Some butt plugs help stimulate the prostate, which can be an enriching experience. Even more so if you let the person on the other side of the screen control it.

Try Numbing Creams

If you’ve tried all of the previously mentioned ideas and nothing seems to have an effect, you can also try to use a numbing cream to decrease the sensitivity of your penis.


Gay cam performers can go pretty hardcore in their shows, and they’re required to be able to perform for a long time.


No matter how long they can last, sometimes they need to resort to other methods to stop themselves from cumming or to simply be able to go through more hardcore play.


Numbing creams contain lidocaine, prilocaine, or benzocaine as active ingredients. They’re applied before sex and delay ejaculation.


So, if you’re desperate to make yourself last longer in bed but nothing else seems to help, you can try this method.

Masturbating Beforehand


Finally, another critical way for gay performers to reduce sensitivity is to make themselves cum before going live. It helps to take the edge off the desperate need to ejaculate quicker.


However, with this method, you must be careful to get your timing right. If you do it too soon, then you will kill your sex drive and might struggle to get hard.


On the other hand, if you do it hours beforehand, there’s a chance that your penis will no longer be affected by it, which again would fail to delay your ejaculation.


So, you need to be after the golden middle in order to fully take the benefit of its effect without harming the pleasure from the experience.

Last So Long in Bed

Learn From the Best by Watching Gay Live Cam Shows


You can try all the mentioned methods in this article and see if they help. However, remember that they’re not extensive, and there are many other ways to make yourself last longer.


If you haven’t watched any gay cam performances or even bisexual guys sleeping with hot girls on live cams, you might want to consider changing that. It’s much more fun than watching porn, and you can learn a trick or two from them.


There might be gay performers out there who can naturally slow down their orgasms, but the reality is that most of them are just like us and have taken the time to train this.


After all, they are professionals, and you can learn something while enjoying yourself as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?


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