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Thank you for reaching the contact us page of Penis Extension Australia the leader of quality free online advice on penis enlargement and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Do you have a question that requires answer or clarification on any of the information contained within this site. Our dedicated trained sales staff are available for calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday Sydney time and will happily take your calls to try to assist you. You can also send any queries through this online submission for or email us.

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    My Penis Enlargement Story

    I Did It, But It Wasn’t Easy

    I had toyed with the thought of expanding my size for quite a long time. I purchased pills, and even had a modest extender. Obviously, the pills didn’t work, the extender had a straightforward elastic noose, which made it difficult to wear, so I didn’t do that for long. At that point one day I unearthed two autonomous studies about how extenders really did work. This was in 2010. By then to have another attempt.

    I work far from home, so I had a great deal of time to devote to it. I purchased an extender with a froth sleeve over the noose and I would wear it consistently for 3 months on end. I would just take breaks one day a week. I began jelqing also, at first to animate blood stream, yet then as a circumference expanding exertion.

    I’ll be fair, that initial 6 or thereabouts months I saw continually month to month length increases. It was truly energizing to realize that I wasn’t squandering my time experiencing the distress of wearing that stretcher consistently. My wife saw the distinction when I returned on break.

    I did that unequivocally for a year, and afterward chose I would try hanging. I purchased the hanger and weights. The extender got to be superfluous as the gains from hanging were quite extraordinary. At that point when I purchased some a greater amount of weight and silicone sleeve and noose my gains were over 2 inches from my starting point of 5 ½ inches.  To be honest I cannot really see it but the ruler doesn’t lie and the positive sounds my wife now makes when she see’s my cock is enough endorsement in itself.

    I want to continue hanging, but I am more than a bit burnt out on it, but the motivation will return. And that is the key. Whatever method you try; extender, manual stretching, all-day stretcher, hanging, you have to be consistent and motivated to gain results.