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How To Increase Penis Size By Clamping Method

Clamping is a technique where caution must be used as if the clamping is too tight the penis may become engorged in the device and not easily be removed. Clamping increases the girth of the penis and uses a constricting device, such as a shoe string, cable clamp, or a very tight cock ring. The device is firmly tied, clamped, or put, respectively, on the base of the erect penis while “edging” with a firmly erect penis. Use of metal devices are not advised because trapped blood engorging the penis can make it impossible to remove without emergency intervention such as sawing the ring off. Extreme clamping can be dangerous and undertaken with caution.

Before you begin clamping, remember it contains a critical danger – more so than whatever other sort of penile development process is on the market. Clamping is by and large safe when alert, mindful, and better judgment is used. You ought not have a go at clamping until you have been exercising your penis for no less than 6 months.

Penis Clamping

Clamping is a penile development activity that uses a clamp with an end goal to increase penis size width. Clamping is an activity that is for advanced penis developers, and shouldn’t be carried out unless you’ve been practicing penis enlargement for no less than six months. In particular, you don’t have to clamp, or utilize any such type of device to make your penis bigger. Numerous men increase their penis by inches simply by using standard penile development devices.

So, the magnificence of clamping is you can do it anyplace an erection is conceivable. If you are at your computer and have some secure privacy, you can get an erection, toss on a link clamp and off you go – easy as that!!

  • Clamping confines blood from flowing back out of the penis when erect whilst constraining inflow. Since blood is streaming into the penis, and none is leaving, there is an exceptional measure of pressure developed.
  • The pressure developed while clamping makes the penis tissues grow past their ordinary erection state. By forcing the penis tissues to grow past normal multiple tims, the development inevitably gets to be perpetual.

Penis Clamping Gear

What You Need For Penis Clamping:

A Clamp

You need a clamp that is 1) Easy to get on and off & 2) Fits snuggly around the penis. The USA Cable Clamp is both of these. The least demanding spot to discover Cable Clamps in the USA is at your local Hardware supply in the electrical equipment area. Otherwise you can purchase purpose built clamps from penis specialty stores and often BDSM gear suppliers.

A Wrap

you can use any material. Some well-known wraps incorporate a sock, Homedics attractive wrap, Ace’s swathe, and even a portion of mouse pad. (Note: A strip of mouse cushion is also ok, can be reused, and can go in the clothes washer afterwards. Also, the elastic side of the mouse cushion prevents any slippage. To prepare a mouse pad, basically cut a six inch strip or more from a mouse cushion. It doesn’t need to be much more extensive than the clamp. At the point when wrapping, face the fabric side towards the penis.

Get A Hard On

Porn Movies, Dirty Book, or Your girlfriend blowing you.  Any way to get a rip roaring hardcore hard-on to pump that penis up.


Many men find that getting a hard-on themselves is less demanding when lube is included. Also lubricate the clamp so it comes off and one easily.

A clock

Make sure you time your activity and never keep a clamp on for more than 60 minutes as you can do yourself irreversible damage.