Surgical Methods

Penis Enlargement Surgery
Caption: Photo: Surgeons Wearing Medical Gloves

Penis Enlargement Surgery is also known as “Phalloplasty” which is a medical method used to increase the length and girth of a penis. People who wish to have Penis Enlargement Surgery do it for both mental and physical reasons. It helps people who have problems with:

Erectile Dysfunction: –

Erectile Dysfunction which is also known as Impotence is the problem with maintaining erections caused by not enough blood flow throughout the penis. There are many reasons why people experience this including diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and injury to the pelvic region. There are also mental factors which may cause erectile dysfunction including anxiety and depression. The Viagra website claims that it impacts a grand total of 30 million men in the United States of America alone.

Penis Size Insecurity:-

The British Journal of Urology International published a penis size study which collected information from over 15,000 people. The results showed that the average size of a flaccid penis 3.61 inches in length and 3.66 inches in girth whilst the average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.69 inches in girth. Some men who are below the average size may have had bad experience where they may have been previously bullied about their size or may feel that they do not look good when they are fully naked. They may feel embarrassed, scared, ashamed or frightened to show a lover their body. They may experiences feelings of anxiety, low self-confidence and may become depressed easily. This issue impacts men who have a Micropenis which measures 6cm and under when erect.

Performance Anxiety:-

These men are worried that they are unable to perform to a lover’s satisfaction and wish to get the so that they are able to provide thorough amounts of stimulation when they engage in penetrative sex. They may feel that they do not fill their partner up during sex or they may feel that they are unable to reach their lovers erogenous zones.  If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction issues, it is also a good idea to read a guide on how to masturbate so you can understand how your body work and how your lovers body works.

Does Penis Size Matter

Penis Enlargement Surgery helps people feel more confident when they are performing in the bedroom with a permanent solution. The age range of men who wish to have itare anywhere between 18 year olds to 60+ year olds. The men who would like this surgery often would like to increase the length of their penis when it is flaccid and when it is erect. Most of these types of surgeries only impact the flaccid state of the penis and do not effect it when it is in its erect state, this is why it is important to talk to your local doctor or surgeon about the type of surgery you will be receiving. You will need to ask in detail what the surgery involves and what state of the penis it will effect.

Penile Lengthening Surgery

There is currentlyone method which is used to increase the length of the penis which is calledPenile Lengthening Surgery. Penis insecurity in men is a common problem and penile lengthening surgery is often the first topic which is researched. Penile Lengthening takes a part of the penis which is hidden internally and brings it externally so that it is viewable and on display. This is because about 1/3 to ½ of the penis is held within the body. The method was originally performed in China by Dr. Long Daochau in 1984.

Penile Lengthening requires the surgeon to cut the suspensory ligament which is located at the bottom of the abdomen, this is where it connects the penis to the pubic bone. It is then combined with suprapubic liposuction to remove away any fat from the surrounding area which will help to give the appearance of a larger penis. The length of the penis can only be increased from 2 to 5 centimetres, it mainly effects the state of a flaccid penis rather than an erect penis.

Penile Lengthening Surgery is often paired with Girth Enlargement Surgery. They often have a starting cost of around $12,000, the price can increase depending on what is involved, you will need to have a private consultation with a surgeon to find out the full price.

After Surgery

After the surgery has occurred the area which was operated on will be covered in protective bandages. Even though you may want to see what has happened, do not take the bandages off or move them. Your nurse or surgeon will change these bandages throughout the day and week. During this time it is recommended to not take showers but instead wash your body in a way which prevents water from accessing the wounded area. You will be taught on how to wash your body.

They will insert a catheter that will provide a slow release of anaesthetic to help control the levels of pain you may experience. Medication is prescribed by the surgeon which will prevent the patient from experience erections to ensure that the penis does not move, this will help speed up the recovery process. Although the medication will make you feel sleepy.

Like most surgeries, the genitals will be inflamed for some time. The inflammation must be maintained as this can cause a low flow of blood to the genitals this can cause the skin graph to be lost. You will also experience some itching which will subside after sometime, you should not itch the area.

Recovery requires 2 to 3 weeks of rest, this will greatly reduce the level of pain that the person will experience and will help to maintain the blood flow within the penis. During this time the bandages will be removed as it begins to heal.It is recommended that the patient does not smoke during the recovery and healing phase as smokers have a higher chance of getting an infection.

The patient should not have sex for up to 6 weeks after the surgery. During this time frame you are not allowed to engage in any form of strenuous physical exercise like running or Cross Fit training.  You will also have to attend routine follow upwhich will allow the surgeon to see how you have progressed during your recovery to ensure that the process is going smoothly.

After you have had surgery you may experience other side effects. It is important to take your time researching and understanding the complications of surgery so that you are able to calculate your level of risk. For example, after surgery you may have a permanent reduction of sensitivity to the nerve endings that are located in your penis. This can reduce the amount of pleasurable sensations you will experience during masturbation or penetrative sex.

After you have healed completely, there will be a scar located at the pubic bone, it can take up to a year for it to soften in appearance. The scar will not be seen by people as it will be hidden behind your pubic hair. You are able to talk to your surgeon about creams that you can use to reduce the appearance of the scar.

To maintain the Penis Enlargement Surgery you will be trained in a variety of exercises that will stretch out the area. The exercises include the use of penile weights which will help the penis to stretch out and lengthen this impacts how the scar tissues is healed. The aim is to heal the scar tissue in this stretched out state. If the person does not perform the exercises the surgery may have failed and will revert back to its original size. There have also been cases where due to a surge of adrenaline throughout the body that the penis also retracts in size.


Methods To Increase The Penis Width

There are many way to increase the width of the penis. These methods include Fat Injections, Dermal Fat Graft Augmentation, BellaDerm, AlloDerm, Silicone Penis Implant and Penis Transplants.

Fat Injections

Fat Injections were the first type of operation which was developed by surgeons to increase the width of a penis. The fat will be taken from other areas of the body like your buttox, stomach or thigh. The injections are placed throughout the penis to ensure that it will look equally dispersed.

This type of operation is not long lasting as the fat is absorbed back into the body and will only be there for a certain time frame. It has been noted that 70% of the fat may disappear from what was originally injected and in some cases all of the fat has disappeared entirely after 4 to 6 months. This is why surgeons typically inject a lot of fat into the person’s penis if they request this type of operation.The fat can also form lumpy areas known as Pseudo-Lipomas and will give the person a “Cobble Stone Penis”. You will then have to have another operation to correct what has went wrong.

Dermal Fat Graft Augmentation

Dermal Fat Graft Augmentation involves 2 pieces of fat which measure up to 12 centimetres in length are taken from the buttox, stomach or thigh. The location that they take the graft from is not an obvious place this is so that when it heals the scare will be barely visible. The graft is then placed underneath the skin of the penis. The width of the penis may increase by up to 2 centimetres with this method. One of the safest places to take the graft from is the buttox as it is not in a highly viewable area. This type of surgery will be a problem from people who are thinner in size.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S. National Library of Medicine) claims that the Dermal Fat Graft Augmentation is also used for people who have congenital penile hypoplasia where a person’s urethra opening is not located at the tip of the penis or acquired penile retraction where the penis withdraws into the scrotum which is common with people who have prostate cancer.

Dermal Fat Graft Augmentation is a more of a permanent solution since the graft includes a layer of skin the fat will be less likely absorbed back into the body. This operation was developed after surgeons had experienced fat reabsorption problems with Fat Injections.


BellaDerm is a type of graft that has been FDA approved, itis used to increase the width of a penis. BellaDerm was created in 2009 by Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) who have provided more than 3.5 million tissues to the medical industry. The manufacturer says “BellaDerm is the first tissue graft product made of natural dermal tissue and offered specifically for cosmetic surgery procedures.”

It is made from living people who have agreed to donate the material for patients who are going for plastic surgery procedures. This person who has donated the material is usually someone who has gone through a weight loss procedure and it is usually taken from the person’s abdomen. The tissue is then evaluated, if it is approved by medical professionals it is then cleaned, processed and sterilised.

BellaDerm is already made so you are not using your own skin to create the graft, this means it has a quicker healing process and the patient has less scaring. Using a prepacked product greatly reduces the amount of time a patient spends in the operating theatre to. Since it is made from a human there is a much higher chance of your body accepting the graph.


AlloDerm is a product which has been made by LifeCell Coproration. It is made by human tissue is processed to remove human cells, this leaves behind a graft which is used as an implant to increase the width of the penis. When the graft is implanted the human body naturally fills up the graft with blood and cells which allows the graft to operate as a part of their own body. AlloDerm uses tissue from people who have previously passed away which is taken from the American Association of Tissue Banks. The American Association of Tissue Banks was established in 1976 with an aim to improve and save lives of people worldwide.

Silicone Penis Implant

Silicone Penis Implant
Caption: Photo: Silicone Penis Implant

A Beverly Hills urologist named Dr James Elist designed a new method to increase the size and width of the penis by using a Silicone Penis Implant. The implant is made out of soft silicone and is shaped like a penis with a 270 degree circumference. This method was developed in 2002 andDr James Elisthad begun performing the procedures in 2004. The patient is placed under anaesthesia so they are numb, he then creates a small cut which measures a 1” and to 1.5” and places the implant under the skin of the penis. The operation will take up to 1 hour and has a price tag of around $13,000 US.

It is only available in sizes large, extra-large and 2 x extra-large. In cases where a person does not have a lot of skin, has tight skin or has a circumcised penis it is recommended that they use a large implant. For people who have what is considered “good” skin it is recommended to use an extra-large implant or higher. If you would like an even bigger sized penis after you have the operation you are also allowed to upgrade to a larger sized implant. The results of the operation are immediately noticed where the gains can provide anywhere from 1.5 inches and up.

The healing process of this procedure can take up to four to six weeks where they are not allowed to engage in any type of masturbation, oral or penetrative sex. Though they are able to return to work the day after the operation. Dr James Elist told the Daily Mail that “We did a study of 400 of our patients retrospectively, and we noticed that the self-confidence of patients has increased significantly.”


Penis Transplant


Americas First Penis Transplant
Caption: Photo: Thomas Manning Received America’s First Penis Transplant

One of the world’s most controversial methods is for a man to get a penis transplant. The surgery involves reconnecting the nerves, veins and arteries to the patient’s body to the donor’s penis. During the healing process the nerves heal at a slow rate of 1” per every 3 to 4 weeks. The cost of the operation can be as high as $75,000.

One of the very first successful operations was done in America on a man named Thomas Manning who was 64. Who had previously lost his penile cancer which had caused him have an operation which had left him with a 1” penis. The operation allows the patient to be able to urinate from a standing position and will also allow him to engage in sexual activities.

The PLATINUM Technique

PLATINUM stands for “Penile enlargement using a collagen layering activation filler technique involving new and unique materials”. It is a method used to increase the width of the penis though in some cases it will also work to increase the length, results may vary between patients. Dr Loria had created this method so that FDA approved products would be used in a safe environment to help people without the use of invasive treatments like surgery.

The steps involved in administering the PLATINUM Technique include applying a topical numbing cream to desensitise the area which will have the injection, Once the area is numb, a thin and small needle is used which will then be used to injected a selected filler. The filler will then begin to produce collagen which will build up in the penis to make it appear wider.  A wrap is then placed around the penis to help shape it to the desired shape. This procedure will take around one to two hours and the full effects will be seen after two to four weeks. If the patient would like another injection, they are able to have one in just three weeks after the first procedure. It has been reported that people can get around a 3.4 to 1” gain after the first procedure. You are able to have up to three procedures which can increase your width a total of 2” to 3”.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is famously known to help slow down the aging process when it is injected into people’s faces and it is said to help people who have damaged skin by the harmful rays of the sun. It is also used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. For example, people who have injuries like Achilles Tendinosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow and Trochanteric Bursitis.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can also be used to help treat erectile dysfunction problems, it is a product which is sold under the brand name of Priapus Shot. The procedure involves the administration of 6 different penile injections which aim to help a man to maintain his erection for longer periods of times. The website claims that it restores the blood flow back into the penis and improves the quality of the erections by up to 98%. Dr Charles Runels had spent years performing a multitude of penile injections and had found good results from using this product.


Liposuction On Man
Caption: Photo: Man Who Has Had Liposuction On Abdomen

It can be quite difficult to lose fat from a certain area which is why some people opt for Liposuction. This method is commonly used by people who are overweight.Liposuction is a type of surgery which involves using a machine which sucks out the fat from certain areas of your body.

The surgeon creates small cuts in your specific areas on your skin and places tubes known a Cannula in those incisions. The surgeon then begins to operate the machine which sucks out the fat. The tube is moved around under the skin so that they can get the fat from the different areas nearby. There are different types of methods of liposuction which include:

-Tumescent Liposuction: The surgeon using a local anaesthetic on the area where they may the small cuts. In the small cuts they inject an aesthetic mixture of lidocaine and epinephrine into that area. The surgeon then uses the machine to suck out the fat. For this method, the surgeon may use a general anaesthesia which places you in a deep sleep so you are unable to see what is happening during the operation.

-Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: With this method the surgeon uses ultrasound which turns the fat into liquid. This method is generally used when people wish to remove fat from gentler areas like the neck, sides and back. The fat is then removed by the liposuction machine.

-Laser-assisted Liposuction: This method uses low-energy waves which turns the fat into a liquid. The fat is then removed by the liposuction machine.

In order to use liposuction to make your penis appear bigger, the surgeon will remove the fat found near the pubic area and lower abdomen. This is so that the area around the penis will reduce in size so that more of the penis is visible, some people have said that they had looked a couple of inches bigger by using this technique. It is important to keep in mind that Liposuction does not increase the size of the penis. Although it is thought that liposuction is used to dramatically reduce the weight of a person, its sole purpose is to reshape your body. Sometimes there are areas of the body which do not respond to a person’s attempts when they are trying to lose weight. These trouble areas may include the neck, back and buttox.

When getting liposuction done it is recommended to choose a highly trained surgeon who has a previous track record of doing successful operations which improve the physical appearance of their patient. Finding an appropriate surgeon can take some time to research the professionals who are available in your local area. The surgeon may also give you a sedative which will help you to relax during the operation.

Liposuction On Woman
Caption: Photo: Surgeon Performing LiposuctionOn Woman

Liposuction After Care

The area which has been operated on will be wrapped up with the use of bandages and support tape. Depending on the type of operation, it may be recommended by the doctor that you use tight fitting clothing throughout the healing process which may include the use of girdles or compression garments which help to keep your body firm. Using these products for a recommended time of around a month will help you reduce your levels of discomfort and swelling.During the first week you will have significant amounts of bruising and swelling.

Where your skin has been cut, a fluid may leak from the areas. The doctor will prescribe to you medication which will lower the chance of infections to the wound. Depending on your level of pain and how your body has responded to the surgery, you may be able to move around easily when the operation has finished. The wider the area of treatment the longer it will take for your body to heal. It may take a week or more for your body to return back to normal but you are able to go back to work after a couple of days.

Does Liposuction Really Work?

Liposuction is a great method to remove fat from targeted areas of the body. The problem with liposuction is that if you continue to eat unhealthy you are still able to regain the fat in the area that is was removed from or it may return back in another area altogether. When liposuction is used to reshape the body the changes are noticed directly after the operation has occurred. Though due to the healing process which can take up to a couple of months, you will not be able to see the full effect of the operation until much later.

If you remove a large amount of fat by using Liposuction you may find that the skin will hang loosely. It can take up to half a year for the skin to retighten. The younger you do the operation the more likely your skin will tighten up. After the operation has been done it can leave behind a light level of ridging which will smooth out over time.

How Does It Work

The doctor takes a couple of vials of blood from the patient. The doctor uses a centrifuge which separate the white and red blood cells from each other. The platelets which have “chemokines” and “cytokines” are then returned back into the body by a needle which is extremely thin. It is injected in 6 different areas of the penis. Before the injection takes place the penis is numbed with an anaesthetic so that the person will not be able to feel the pain.

The chemokines and cytokines are said to create new cells and tissue in the areas of the penis that it is been injected into. It will also repair damaged cells and prolong the life of the existing cells. It will also create new blood vessels, capillaries and help to heal any wounds. The website claims that since the chemokines and cytokines are in a concentrated amount, the process will begin almost immediately.

It is recommended to use a Penis Pump which will help the Platelet Rich Plasma circulate throughout the entire penis so it does not stay in the one place. On the Choices in Health website an article titled “The Priapus Shot Reverses Erectile Dysfunction and Delivers Measurable Male Enhancement” published by Dr. Emilia A. Ripoll, M.D. said “Dr. Runels has since discovered that the men who see the biggest gains in penis size are the ones who use the pump in conjunction with the injections. “It’s like taking steroids and lifting weights, if you don’t lift weights while you’re taking them, you won’t get any bigger.”

Despite the lack of increase in penis size, the San Diego patient was very pleased with the injections. “I asked him if he wanted his money back, and he said, ‘No, because my penis is working so much better now.’”

The people who administer this injection are professionally trained individuals with over, there are around a hundred to three hundred practitioners on their website who use this the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in there practice.