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10 Interesting And Fascination Penis Facts That You Should Definitely Know

The word penis is actually derived from the Latin meaning “tall” and it is something that most of us know less about than we realize. Sure, the penis is fascinating- whether you are a man in love with your own self-image or simply a woman with a healthy sexual appetite, there is no way you don’t find yourself intrigued with the idea of learning more. Maybe you are simply reading this in the hope of gaining a mere chuckle or maybe you are sincerely intrigued by what the penis has to offer. Well strap yourselves in and get ready because things are about to get a little risqué. The list of incredible and shocking penis facts could go on and on, but here are the top ten most enlightening penis facts that you should definitely know.

1. Did You Know That Foreskins Can Actually Be Used To Make Skin Grafts For Burn Victims?

skin grafts for burn

The foreskin is the retractable roll of skin covering the end of a man’s penis and is removed during circumcision. Saving this foreskin could actually provide four acres of grafted skin. What an insane amount of usage you can get out of a piece of skin on a man’s penis. Clearly, we take for granted the amazing use that can come from something we often have snipped and removed. The fact that these cells are extremely flexible allows for them to be accepted easier by the body. Burn victims can actually be in a lot of danger with their exposed wounds, which means proper grafting is vital to their health. It is truly incredible to think that the foreskin from a penis can actually help better the lives of those in need.

Another shocking thing about foreskin is that it can be used in various skin creams. Fibroblasts are grown on the foreskin and are actually used in a lot of high-end fancy skin creams. They also use foreskin to test a lot of beauty products on because of the flexibility. So foreskin that has been removed is actually used for a lot of different things that affect people today. It’s actually pretty impressive for a simple piece of skin that is so often removed at birth.

You probably won’t be scoffing or laughing at the idea of foreskin being important anymore, will you? So yes, the penis can actually help to save lives, what a remarkable thought. It seems men have every right to be proud of their penises and what they can do.

2. Did You Know That Fetuses Actually Have Erections In The Womb?

This is something that has actually been recorded and proven to be true. It is an extremely strange thing to think about and in my opinion the most shocking thing on this list. Yes, little fetuses can actually get erections while still swaddled in their mother’s womb. So basically men are born already extremely focused on their penises. Most women probably don’t want to think about their precious son having an erection, and they certainly don’t want to consider the fact that it occurs inside the womb. Whether or not it is a comfortable fact is beside the point, because this is one entirely true penis fact.

3. Did You Know That “Boners” Are Actually NOT Made Out Of Bone?

penis without bone

Well, I sincerely hope you already knew this strange fact, but many people do not. The penis is made of fibrous tissues that carry blood flow to the area. This is why some men might be “growers” not “showers” since the penis requires blood flow to get it hard. When you hear about a man breaking his penis, this isn’t because of the bone breaking, since there is no bone to speak of. This occurs when the tissue becomes fractured on the outermost penile tissue. So boner is actually a highly inaccurate term when you are referring to humans.

The funny thing is that most mammals actually do have a bone within their penis. The human penis is the only primate that does not possess this bone. This separates us largely from other mammals, especially other primates.

4. Did You Know That Semen Is Low In Calories?


So for anyone worried about consuming too many calories during playtime, there is nothing to fear. Semen is made up mostly of citric acid, amino acids, fructose, and water. A teaspoon is only about 36 calories, which leaves you will a pretty low-calorie sex diet. So I suppose you no longer have the excuse of not wanting to mess up your diet when your boyfriend begins bugging you about your swallowing methods. Semen is both low calorie and can possess many different flavors depending on various factors in a man’s lifestyle.

5. Did You Know That The Dead Can Actually Get Erections?

This is known as a “death erection” and is often linked to men who have been executed. This is particularly common in men who were hanged because of the pressure applied. This is a somewhat sad and shocking fact, but nevertheless, it is something that does occur. Being hung or having an intense blow to the neck can actually have effects on both male and female sexual parts.

6. Did You Know That Shoe Size Means Absolutely Nothing And Is Not Tied To Penis Size?

shoe size penis size

Many of us are acutely aware that penis size cannot be tied to shoe size. Many studies have proven this to be an entirely false accusation. Of course, many people assumed that a larger man with bigger hands and feet meant that he would possess a much larger penis. There just isn’t any evidence to support this and the results are often rather surprising. Sorry, ladies! There is no way to determine the size of a man’s penis simply by looking at his physical exterior. Let’s face it most people don’t tell you the truth about size either, so asking won’t do much good. The size and shape will always be a completely surprise until you officially peek behind that curtain.

7. Did You Know That The Penis Is Extremely Flexible?

penis is flexible

Certain training has been known to cause sprains and various fractures, but the penis is actually extremely flexible. During a study where a couple had sex under an MRI, it showed how the penis actually bends in a boomerang shape. The penis is capable of twisting and bending into various positions and it is actually quite shocking! The worry isn’t quite within the way the penis bends, but in how much torque is applied at the wrong times. The truth is our sexual organs are actually rather resilient and are made to withstand intense situations. Don’t push it too far, though, the last thing you need is a fractured penis or something tore within your body.

8. Did You Know That Everyone Starts Out With A Clitoris…Even Men!

In the womb, everyone basically starts out with a clitoris and eventually for men this forms into a penis. Once the male hormones begin to take root the penis begins to form into its shape, but until then it is actually a clitoris. Because of this fact, the clitoris and penis actually share extremely similar nerve endings. The same tissue is formed and it is basically the same structure, even though this may come as a surprise. There are many similarities between the penis and clitoris and this is entirely attributed to the fact that the penis once was a clitoris. So it seems we are all much more similar than we may realize? At least when it comes to our sexual organs we can say we have something in common.

9. Did You Know That Circumcision Began As A Way To Prevent Masturbation?

Yes, this is very shocking but entirely true. Many people believe that we utilize circumcision as a way to keep the man’s member cleaner and more sanitary, but that is actually false. Sure, it does help keep things a little cleaner, but any man who knows how to properly bathe won’t actually experience any problems in that area. Basically, unless you are a sob and a mess, then circumcision isn’t really helping you maintain a cleaner and healthier penis at all. It was simply a way for upright puritans to take away the pleasure center for a man and make things less enjoyable for them. By removing theforeskin you take away much of the sensitivity in the penis and also restrict movement.

John Harvey Kellog was actually one of the leading advocates of male circumcision and he pushed for this in order to prevent boys from tugging at themselves far too often. He was convinced that masturbation would cause various illness and even insanity in young people. It was considered highly immoral and was something that men like Kellog fought to eradicate. The list of things that they believed masturbation could cause is rather long, from blindness and alcoholism, all the way to mental illness. With this pressure placed on people to prevent their children from actively masturbating, the idea of removing the foreskin became rather popular. With men like Kellog advocating for a better way to remove those nasty little sexual thoughts, the people were easy to convince. Over time this become the social norm and people these days have found more creative ways to come up with reasoning’s behind it.

So basically circumcision was merely created because sex was once considered a rather shameful thing. It wasn’t considered healthy or normal in any way and masturbation was considered a very serious sin. For men who have had their foreskin removed, you simply have fallen victim to a rather old and horrible rumor created by an uptight man named Kellog. You’re very welcome for this potentially detrimental information and I sincerely hope it doesn’t scar you too much.

10. Did You Know That What You Eat Affects The Way Your Semen Tastes?

semen tastes

It is true, what a man consumes for food actually largely affects the way his sperm will taste. It is said that the things that affect body odor will also change the way the semen tastes. Drinking too much alcohol or coffee will actually cause the spunk to taste bitter and pungent.

Foods that are strong in odor like garlic, onions, and broccoli will also cause a stronger and more unpleasant flavor. Cigarettes are also a major factor in the taste of a man’s sperm. It is also helpful to avoid spicy or unhealthy foods because they won’t make your love juices taste any better.

What is the best food to consume for more delicious semen you ask? Why the answer is fruits of course! Fruit will give sperm a much sweeter and more pleasant flavor. For men who like to drink, beer is the best way to go and actually does effect the taste positively. Combine that with the fact that it is low calorie and your partner will be in for a nice treat. So if a man does have an unpleasant taste to his sperm this isn’t something that is permanent. It can be changed by simply switching your diet around for a little while.

The penis is a fascinating organ, with many incredible and surprising qualities. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed these intriguing penis facts as much as I did. Whether it is just for fun or purely for the sake of learning- understanding the human body is an important thing. Many people become nervous or shy about sex and especially when to comes to discussing our bodies. These are important things to know more about and should not be swept under the rug. Knowing about your body and understanding what it needs is vital in living a full and happy life. Everything takes time and for the more reserved people, learning about sex can be rather uncomfortable. In order to fully appreciate yourself and your partner, being able to openly grasp these concepts is truly important. We live in a much more laid-back and understanding time, allowing us to become more open about things. We also live in an age filled with available information at our fingertips, which leaves no excuse to be laid-back about things.