Prescription Injections

Erectile Dysfunction Prescription Injections
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There are erectile dysfunction prescription injections which are available, Trimix, Bimix, Quadmix  and “Pap.P&A”. Trimix and Bimix are often used if the side effect of oral medications are overwhelming negative. It was originally made in 1991, when they studied in 116 patients and found out Trimix has a success rate of 92%.

It uses a mixture of the 3 ingredients alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. Trimix uses one more ingredient than Bimix which is papaverine which is an opium alkaloid antispasmodic drug used as a muscle relaxant. When used for erectile dysfunction it helps to relax the corpus cavernosum which is the part of the penis which holds the blood, it helps it to fill with blood which causes an erection. Papaverine is also available as a gel which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

In order to get Trimix is must be made by in a hygienic environment by a pharmacist and then intracavernosal injected on either side of the penis near the bottom but not at the base. It appears the injection does not need to be administered by a medical professional but you will need to find a practitioner, so you are able to learn the skills needed to administer the medication.

After it is injected the effects immediately begin to take place within 5 minutes. The original dosage must be .05cc to .2cc which is decided by the doctor. After you are aware of the results of the first dosage it is then changed to decrease or increase so that it has a better effect. Trimix must be stored in a refrigerator between each dose.

It can take a couple of injections before you find the correct dosage. Trimex is seen as a reliable method that is easy and safe to use to treat people who have erectile dysfunction issues. It is considered to be a low cost alternative to other methods.

There are mixed reviews online about Trimix and Bimix. For example, on the Health Unlocked a user named sammyd123 said “I was able to have sex with my wife, though, and have an orgasm, but it was painful. She thought I had a metal rod inside her, but she enjoyed it and had a great orgasm. Haven’t tried anything again in about two years, since the “wonder” pills have never worked for me.” Another user named Stevedl said “I tried Tri-mix, which worked well. However, I have essential tremors and using a needle was a challenge.”.

Bimix is a mixture of two ingredients, alprostadil and phentolamine. There is not a lot of information on the internet about Bimix.

Quadmix is a mixture of alprostadil, phentolamine, papaverine and atropine. The main ingredient which is different is atropine which is used to cause the muscles to relax which help to increase the flow of blood in the penis.

Pap. P&A is a mixture of phentolamine, papaverine and atropine. Pap.P&A is considered to be a low strength injection which may not be suitable for people who have had problems in the past with erectile dysfunction. Though the benefit of using this injection is that it does not contain alprostadil which is the ingredient which may have the side effect of pain when the patient experiences and erection or has an orgasm.

Though a user on the Healing Well forum had spoken openly about the cost of Bimix “I am using Bimix.  My cost including two packages of 10 syringes each is about $59.  I have been using Bimix since April and at first went up to a dosage level of .35 cc’s.  At this level my cost was about $3.00 an injection.”

Methods To Use Injections

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1. Needle Free Injections:

This technology uses a spring with incredibly strong pressure, it administers the injection in a matter of seconds once it is pressed against the skin, it is then administered .9cm deep which is the location that it is needed to work. Most patients who use this method need to train themselves in the best way on how to use the device which can take a couple of sessions.

2. Automatic Injection Device:

There are devices available which automatically injects the medication into your body like Autoject 2.It has a depth adjustment scale which you will need to set. It uses firing button which you press that sets off the device.

Some people who are scared of getting an injection often learn about using surgical steel cock rings and information about penis pumpsas alternative methods to enlarge the length and width of their genitals.