How Do Gay Cam Performers Last So Long in Bed?

There’s a lot of stigma and feelings of embarrassment when it comes to premature ejaculation for men. So how do porn actors Last So Long in Bed?


Premature ejaculation happens to people often because they’re inexperienced, while others’ bodies just work that way, and they require intense training to improve the time they ejaculate.


If you’ve watched a gay cam performer on a platform like or simply gay porn, you’ve probably noticed how long each scene can last. It makes you wonder how it’s possible to last so long.


Due to the nature of the sex, gay men require more preparation beforehand when compared to heterosexual men, who hardly need any preparation.


In return, this has made gay men much more disciplined when it comes to sex, and they’ve learned a few extra tricks when it comes to prolonging the pleasurable experience.


So, to stop you from wondering, the following article is going to look at five key reasons why gay cam performers can last so long in bed.


All men can take note of this, regardless of whether you’re gay, bi, or straight, so keep reading to find out how you can improve your sex life with little modifications.

Edging Your Penis


The first technique, prime for making you last longer in bed, is called edging.

Maybe you’ve heard all about it, but if you haven’t, let me explain what it is.


Edging represents stopping yourself from cumming every time you get close to the edge. You let the feeling subside and continue a few moments later once it’s passed.


If you keep doing that, your body naturally builds stamina, and your ejaculation time improves with each time you have sex.


If you watch gay cam performers, it’s a common thing they do in their shows. It’s also a big turn-on to watch someone have the power to stop themselves from cumming.


Yes, it’s not the easiest of exercises, and you may not always succeed in doing it, but with some practice, it will get easier, so definitely note it down.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, training your pelvic floor is not just for women. It can also be just as beneficial for men as well and help build stamina.


When we go to the gym, we train our legs, arms, and abs but often ignore this body part. We kind of forget about its existence and that it needs attention as well.


Since pelvic muscles lie right under the prostate and the rectum, It’s believed that weak pelvic muscles can lead to the inability to delay your ejaculation.


In return, if you do take the time to do pelvic floor exercises regularly, you can make it easier to stop yourself from ejaculating by strengthening your pelvic muscles.


Since gay cam performers place extra attention on their prostate and rectum during shows, it’s only normal that they also take care of their pelvic muscles.


So, keep this in mind next time you go for a workout. It will pay off!

Use of Sex Toys


Sex toys can be a great combination with edging. Since cam shows are meant to be longer than 10 minutes, gay performers must get creative in keeping it fun and exciting.


The use of interactive sex toys can be especially beneficial. One such example is a remote-controlled butt plug which can enhance the pleasure and edging process.


Even though the use of a vibrating plug wouldn’t necessarily make you ejaculate unless you’re very sensitive, it will significantly improve your experience.


Some butt plugs help stimulate the prostate, which can be an enriching experience. Even more so if you let the person on the other side of the screen control it.

Try Numbing Creams

If you’ve tried all of the previously mentioned ideas and nothing seems to have an effect, you can also try to use a numbing cream to decrease the sensitivity of your penis.


Gay cam performers can go pretty hardcore in their shows, and they’re required to be able to perform for a long time.


No matter how long they can last, sometimes they need to resort to other methods to stop themselves from cumming or to simply be able to go through more hardcore play.


Numbing creams contain lidocaine, prilocaine, or benzocaine as active ingredients. They’re applied before sex and delay ejaculation.


So, if you’re desperate to make yourself last longer in bed but nothing else seems to help, you can try this method.

Masturbating Beforehand


Finally, another critical way for gay performers to reduce sensitivity is to make themselves cum before going live. It helps to take the edge off the desperate need to ejaculate quicker.


However, with this method, you must be careful to get your timing right. If you do it too soon, then you will kill your sex drive and might struggle to get hard.


On the other hand, if you do it hours beforehand, there’s a chance that your penis will no longer be affected by it, which again would fail to delay your ejaculation.


So, you need to be after the golden middle in order to fully take the benefit of its effect without harming the pleasure from the experience.

Last So Long in Bed

Learn From the Best by Watching Gay Live Cam Shows


You can try all the mentioned methods in this article and see if they help. However, remember that they’re not extensive, and there are many other ways to make yourself last longer.


If you haven’t watched any gay cam performances or even bisexual guys sleeping with hot girls on live cams, you might want to consider changing that. It’s much more fun than watching porn, and you can learn a trick or two from them.


There might be gay performers out there who can naturally slow down their orgasms, but the reality is that most of them are just like us and have taken the time to train this.


After all, they are professionals, and you can learn something while enjoying yourself as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?


Advantages of Penis Sleeves and Vibrators

Sex Toys, penis sleeves and vibrators are for every adult as long as one enjoys using them. However, not everyone is open to talking about them or using them. Moreover, some people don’t dare to suggest their partners try one of these sex toys. They rather perceive it as too extravagant or even dirty to use it. This article demystifies the negative image of penis sleeves and vibrators.

Different types to meet everyone’s needs

There are different types of penis sleeves and vibrators. To find the best penis extender and best wand vibrator, one needs to know what they want to achieve with them. This difference doesn’t relate just to materials they are made of and sizes. The main difference is the purpose of using these sexual tools.

Penis Sleeves and Vibrators

Benefits of Using Penis Sleeves

Thanks to different sizes, models, textures, and additional functions, there are many reasons why one should use these sexual tools. They help treat premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delay orgasms, help in stimulation or just for spicing up intimacy.

Help against Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the worst things that can happen to a man. Having that problem may cause other ones, especially in finding a partner. Even though ED can be medically treated, the treatment usually takes a lot of time but can be fruitful. 

Here the penis sleeves come into the picture. According to the study of Translational Andrology and Urology, penis sleeves, as they’re also called, allow men several advantages. It brings about the question does penis size really matter?

There are various models of penis sleeves for ED. There are ones that help keep the penis erect for a much longer time. Also, there are sleeves for those whose penis can’t get erect at all. It’s advisable to choose a model that fits your size and purpose. 

Treating Premature Ejaculation

Many couples want to have more extended pleasurable moments. Luckily, there are penis sleeves that help in treating premature ejaculation. Choosing the right model will make both partners more satisfied. These models work in a way that they alter sensations thanks to the textures they’re made of. 

Penis Sleeves as Vaginal and Anal Stimulations

Some sleeves help their partners in stimulations. It is a great way to help those who have problems with becoming sexually aroused. Such models usually come in different textures, such as ribbed patterns. Also, there are models with clitoral and anal stimulations with external nubs. These are also good for boosting girth. 

Making Penis Larger

Penis size can be a sore subject for men. It can boost or crash their self-esteem. Thanks to these sleeves, they won’t fear whether the penis will be large enough for their partners. Models for penis enlargements are basically hollow dildos. They come in different lengths and a harness. Also, they are firm enough and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. These sleeves are also good because they help a couple trying new positions that otherwise weren’t possible. 

Trying Something New

Men who don’t have any issues mentioned above can still use penis sleeves. They simply, may want to try something new to spice things up. These sex tools surely spice up sexual intercourse and can intensify deeper intimacy between partners.  For example, there are even sleeves with speed settings and ones with various materials and shapes, such as the trending Bad Dragon Sheath.

Enhancing Masturbation

It’s a great option for those who enjoy masturbation. Penis sleeves come in different sizes, shapes and textures. There are even models with additional functions, such as pump functions for providing sucking sensations. 

Benefits of Using Vibrators

Being single or in a relationship, every woman deserves to experience pleasure in bed. Vibrators are a great stimulus for women in many ways. However, some women don’t dare to use vibrators to reach satisfaction. It’s time to break the ice and find the perfect vibrator that suits one’s needs.

Helping in Dealing with Sex Related Issues

Some vibrators help in increasing sexual health. They work especially for those women who suffer from vagina pain during intercourse. Regular use of vibrators can help vaginal muscles relax and not to be in spasms. Vibrators can also help overcome sexual anxiety and make women feel more relaxed. 


Moreover, vibrators can help in controlling bladder control. Reaching orgasms is possible because pelvic muscles contract and release. It’s a kind of mini-workout for your vagina. Having strong pelvic muscles means having more intensified orgasms. 

Discover Pleasure Horizons

To discover pleasure horizons, one should use vibrators with various functions. Also, there are vibrators that stimulate outside and inside the vagina. Such vibrators can be used in various positions. They are a great sexual tool for women because they let them experiment with what they like and don’t like.

Break the Ice and Use Penis Sleeves and Vibrators

It’s totally okay if one feels a bit embarrassed when discussing these things. Not all people are open to talk about the subject. What’s more important is to speak openly with partners. Even if someone is single, one can still use these sexual tools for solo enjoyment. 


Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

While the topic of erectile dysfunction (ED) is not commonly discussed, it is a problem that affects a large number of men. ED is defined as the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. It can be caused by a variety of things, such as diabetes, heart disease, psychological issues, and even certain medications. Luckily, there are a number of treatments available for those who suffer from ED. These include medication, surgery, angiogenesis, lifestyle changes, and even natural remedies. If you think you may be suffering from ED, talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment for you.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. It can happen at any age but is more common in men over 40. There are several possible causes of ED, which can be either physical or psychological. Physical causes include heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Psychological causes include anxiety and depression. In some cases, a combination of both physical and psychological factors may be responsible for ED.

Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological Impact

Although erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening condition, it can have a significant impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from it. The psychological impact of ED can be just as debilitating as the physical effects. Men with ED often feel embarrassed and ashamed, which can lead to anxiety and depression. They may avoid sexual intimacy altogether, which can put a strain on their relationships. In some cases, men with ED may turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to self-medicate. If you are struggling with ED, know that you are not alone and there are treatment options available. Speak to your doctor about your concerns and look for a reputable therapist who specializes in sexual disorders. You can overcome this condition with proper treatment and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options

While there are many potential causes of erectile dysfunction, the good news is that there are also a number of effective treatment options available. In many cases, simple lifestyle changes can help to improve erectile function. This may include quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising more. For some men, making these changes alone may be enough to improve erectile function. If lifestyle changes don’t work, then there are a number of oral medications that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. These include sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra). In addition, there are several other treatments that can be used, such as penile injections or vacuum devices. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, it’s important to talk to your doctor about all of your treatment options.

Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnosis and Management

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 30 million American men. The cause of ED may be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. Physical causes include:
1. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity
2. Injuries to the nerves or blood vessels
3. Certain medications
Psychological causes include:
1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Stress
4. Relationship problems
There are several treatment options available for ED. Treatment depends on the underlying cause of the condition. Some common treatments include:
1. Oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra
2. Penile injections
3. Vacuum devices
4. Surgery

Erectile Dysfunction: Risk Factors and Complications

Occasional ED isn’t uncommon, but if it’s persistent, erectile dysfunction can be the sign of an underlying health condition, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or low testosterone. If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor about potential underlying causes and whether any of your medications could be contributing to the problem. In some cases, treating the underlying condition may resolve your symptoms of ED.

What can be done to prevent or reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction?

There are a few things that can be done to prevent or reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. First, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol use. Second, it is important to manage any underlying health conditions. This includes conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Third, it is important to take medications as prescribed and to talk to your doctor about any potential side effects. Fourth, it is essential to get regular checkups and screenings. This includes screenings for prostate cancer and other conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction. Fifth, it is important to talk to your partner about any concerns you have about your sexual function. This can help you both identify any potential problems and find solutions that work for both of you.

There are many potential causes of erectile dysfunction, and often multiple factors are involved.

Erectile Dysfunction Bands: How Do They Work?

There are various ways of treating erection dysfunction with Erectile Dysfunction Bands. You can use herbal remedies, oral treatment, surgery, or artificial treatments. Erectile dysfunction bands are popular artificial remedies for treating ED. They also go with the names penis rings, tension bands, tension rings, and constriction bands. Even though it is not a guarantee that erectile dysfunction bands work for everyone, it is important to understand how it works and who should use them. In this article, you will learn about how an ED band works, the main reasons for using it, and how to choose and safely use an ED band.

Why Use an ED Band?

If you have ED, here are reasons why you should try ED bands.

  • They enhance the results of injections and medications
  • They are cheaper than other treatments for ED
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy an ED band
  • ED bands do not have side effects. Therefore, they are effective for people intolerable to medication
  • They are discreet and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

According to research, people with ED benefit more from ED bands by combining them with other medications. Erectile dysfunction happens when a person is not able to maintain an erection when blood from the penis flows out too fast. The work of the rig is to apply pressure on the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles. This way, the blood vessels around this area tighten, and blood flows slowly. This way, the penis remains erect for a long time. ED bands are best for people unable to maintain an erection.

Actually, other ED assistance devices like penis pumps come with ED bands as a bonus. 

Types of ED Rings

 There are different types of ED bands.

  • Penile Bands

This is a simple type of band designed to prevent the outflow of blood. The band is not fixed, and that means it moves during sexual intercourse. This way, the blood is able to pass through the penis to reduce firmness.

  • Penoscrotal Rings

This band constricts both the penis and scrotum. It comes in more than one band to ensure both the penis and testicles remain in a fixed position. The band is also fixed on the scrotum and able to allow leakage of blood to reduce stiffness during erection.

  • Penile and Penoscrotal Loops

The loops contain both the penile and penoscrotal rings to tighten the rea around the scrotum and the penis. The good thing about the loop is that it is adjustable in size and tension.

How to Choose an ED Band

When choosing an ED band, consider things like:

  • Material. Choose a material that is easy to clean and consider if you are allergic to latex.
  • Pleasure. Some of these rings have a vibration feature for clitoral and penile stimulation.
  • Fit. It is also vital to get the right fit. Get an adjustable band to ensure there is enough pressure to keep the penis erect.


ED is a condition most males face. However, using devices such as penis rings can help a person get and maintain an erection. There are different types of ED bands available. Therefore, it will be easy to choose what fits best. For more information visit FirmTech.

The Wonders of Pussy Pictures: Why I Can’t Get Enough

Pussy pictures are among the most popular types of porn out there, and they’re also among the most misunderstood. If you’re looking to understand why guys love taking and sharing pussy pictures, this article will give you some insight into the wonderful world of pussy pics and what makes them so hot! And if you’d like some inspiration to take or share your own pussy pics, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered too!


I never thought I would be the type of person to get off on pussy pictures. But ever since I stumbled across a few while browsing the internet, I can’t get enough. There’s something about the way they look that just does it for me. It could be because they’re not perfect and make my dick hard when I’m looking at them. Or maybe it’s because their imperfections make them seem more real than most women do nowadays. Either way, I have learned to love pussy pictures and will continue to enjoy them until the day that I die!


When it comes to our genitals, we like what we like. Some people are into pussy pictures because they enjoy the visual stimulation of seeing a new vagina. Maybe they’re turned on by the idea of being with a woman who is comfortable enough with her body to share such an intimate photo. Or maybe they just appreciate the beauty of the female form. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that pussy pictures are pretty darn amazing.


When it comes to sex, a little taboo can be a turn-on. And there’s nothing more taboo than pussy pictures. Whether they’re close-ups of labia or shots of women masturbating, I just can’t get enough. At the same time, knowing that these images are risqueand naughty is also a big part of the attraction. There’s something about seeing something that isn’t supposed to be seen that turns me on (or gets me off?). I don’t know why; maybe it reminds me of being young and horny and wanting to see everything.


Sending your partner pussy pictures can be a great way to spice up your relationship and keep things exciting. It’s a way to show them you’re thinking about them, and it can also be a lot of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to get them aroused. A naughty selfie is a good idea for the morning or when they’re working late at the office; just make sure to give them some warning so they don’t get embarrassed in front of their coworkers!

A few tips for successful dirty pics are as follows: Make sure there’s something in the background that signifies where you are.


There’s something about looking at a picture of a vulva that just makes me feel so damn powerful. Maybe it’s the knowledge that this is what I was born with, and that no matter what anyone says, my body is perfect just the way it is. Or maybe it’s because looking at these pictures reminds me that every single woman on this planet is uniquely beautiful. Whatever the reason, I just can’t get enough of pussy pictures.


I love taking selfies. They’re a great way to capture a moment, and they always make me feel good. But there’s something about pussy pictures that I can’t get enough of. They’re raw, they’re real, and they’re always a pleasant surprise. Whether it’s a picture of my own pussy or someone else’s, I just can’t get enough.

Nude selfies are more personal than nudes taken by someone else

There’s something about a nude selfie that feels more personal and intimate than a nude taken by someone else. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re in control of the camera, or that you’re the one who’s bare and exposed. Either way, there’s a certain power in taking your own nude selfies. And let’s be honest, they’re just really fun to look at!


As someone who loves and respects women, I find it incredibly hot when a woman is confident and comfortable enough to show me her nude body. It’s a huge turn-on for me, and it makes me feel incredibly lucky that she trusts me enough to share something so intimate with me.

There’s something so flattering about getting someone’s nude pic.

It’s like they’re saying, I trust you enough to show you my body in its most vulnerable state. It’s a way to be close to someone without actually being physically close to them. And let’s be honest, it’s just plain hot.

Get Paid to Play

A big penis can be your entry into making a lot of money and Paid to Play online. But the question of penis size can be a sensitive one for many, and why not? A man’s dick is generally considered by society to be the beginning and end of their masculinity.

Thankfully, even though some might not be blessed with girth, there are methods through which you can give yourself a better chance than you originally had. And as we’ll see soon enough, there are actually a lot of genuine reasons anyone might want to enlarge their dick sizes that doesn’t even have to do with vanity.

So before we proceed, here are a few practical reasons for dick enlargement and why this might be a necessity for some people to consider.

The Appeal of a Big Dick

Having a big dick is desired for a lot of practical reasons. Of course most of it has to do with the perception of a big penis with outstanding sexual performance. Although not quite true, men with small penises are usually regarded as being terrible in bed while those with big girths are automatically regarded as beasts on the sheets.

Apart from the physically vain aspects of it, though, there are also some medically verified reasons why anyone might want to have a larger penis. For instance there are certain conditions associated with reduced penis, such as microphallus, that may require techniques to enlarge the dick.

There are also genuine psychological reasons which arise as a result of the two factors above mixing together. For instance there have been numerous recorded cases of people with above average penis sizes who have gotten so preoccupied with the size of their dicks that they are unable to live a high-quality life, thanks to the genuine effect of this on their psychology.

The condition is known as penile dysmorphic disorder, and it may require counseling or penis enlargement to fix.   Sometimes just watching bj movies can help.

So yes, apart from the societal push and ego related reasons, there are more than enough reasons a penis enlargement strategy could be desirable. And so before we proceed below are a few medically proven methods of increasing the appearance of a penis:

Penis Enlargement

  • Penis Exercises and Massaging

While there hasn’t been any definitive medical confirmation of this technique, many have attested to its effectiveness. The principle behind it is simple. Their aim is to stretch. the skin gently using lubricants

In case you want to learn more, there are websites and videos out there that give a comprehensive guide.

  • Losing Weight

Being overweight can make a big dick look small. This is why many medical experts advise weight loss and getting in shape to be a viable method of penile enhancement.

  • Devices

Stretching devices and penis pump exercises have also been greatly touted as a genuine method of penis enlargement, although, again, there have been no verified studies to attest this claim.

To use these pumps and devices, it is advisable to first apply lubricants generously and use carefully.

Leveraging your Girth

Big dick fetish is a common phenomenon. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many people go out of their way to make their dicks bigger. No matter how you feel about the topic, there is no denying that big dick is in demand.

What’s more, it has become so socially acceptable to desire big dicks that people don’t even have to hide it. Case in point, there are lots of platforms out there where people congregate just to appreciate and admire men having fun with their big dicks.

You too, of course, can leverage this to not only make your dick pumping process a lot more exciting, but also make a lot of money from it.

You see, on a cam platform like Chaturbate for example, thanks to their remarkable traffic and extensive category, you can simply register a page for yourself, and with the right strategy, you’ll have people lining up to tune in to your broadcasts in no time.

And you don’t even have to do much. All you need is your dick, a little bit of self-control, and they’ll tune in to watch you go through the process for a full 60 minutes and even pay double to watch you finally shoot your load that’s been edging for the last hour.

Doing it Right

Chaturbate makes it easier for anyone to showcase their sexual drive and make a lot of money off it, but of course as stated earlier, you also have to do it right to maximize your potential audience and make as much as possible while giving yourself the utmost satisfaction.

So how do you do it right? Well one way to do this is to clarify your objective to your audience. The audience loves a story and that’s what you have to give them. Your story could be for example, that you have a big dick and are planning to get it even harder through hours of pumping and edging, and before you know it you have a swathe of people just looking forward to tuning in.

You must also communicate your objectives smoothly enough. You can do this by customizing your profile with detailed information through beautiful graphics and a Chaturbate Tip Menu. Getting your graphics is also extremely easy once you visit, browse through their array of high-quality templates and quickly edit and customize to tell your story.

Give Yourself the Best Chance

Having a proper Chaturbate profile gives you the best chances for a greatly satisfying experience in general. You’re able to stand out, attract curious visitors, and thanks to the detailed graphics on your page, pass out valuable information without having to repeat yourself every time.

Big dick fetishes will always be a phenomenon, and there will always be opportunities to take advantage. By following the above steps you put yourself in a position to take full advantage and also have a lot of fun while doing it. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Does Exercise Affect Penis Size?

As the desire for an enormous penis size increases among the vast majority of men, a good number of men have taken to several methods to enable them to achieve a well-sized genital. While some of these methods have proven effective, others have landed on the negative side of the scale. Hence the need for research before taking on a particular method towards penis enhancement becomes vital. This brings us to the topic under consideration in this article, does exercise affect the size of the penis? Does exercise aid in an increase in penis size or its reduction? Let’s find out.

Exercise and Penis Size

A good number of men undoubtedly believe that exercise lessens the size of the male genital organ, while others believe exercising does the inverse.

The penis structure and capability are extraordinary. And so, its reaction to exercise differs to some degree when contrasted with skeletal muscles of the abdomen, arms, and legs. The male genital organ is basically composed of connective and erectile tissues, veins, and nerve tissue. These internal structures are encircled by a sturdy sheet of flexible connective tissue. The penis comprises tubes of supple tissues and a tight lattice structure or organization of space loaded up with veins with exceptionally flexible walls. The muscles of the penis control the flow of blood. These muscles also control the size of the penis from its flaccid state to its state of full erection.

Exercise on its own does not make the size of the penis shrink. Relatively, male folks have a long-lasting maximum erect penis size and a minimum flaccid penis size that doesn’t change effectively in the short run. Nonetheless, the size of the penis will temporarily vary every once in a while, in view of the limit of stimulation.The size of the penis will decrease on account of redirection of the supply of blood. An instance is when blood is redirected to the muscles to enable the movements of the legs, arms, and even profound breathing when exercising. When the activity has been completed, the body will get back to its original resting state. In like manner, the bloodstream will get back to its typical state, as well as the flow of blood to the penis, which in turn affects its size.

 However, truth be told, exercising permits one to possess a more satisfactory and stronger erection, empowering one as well to endure longer and possess more vitality. But if achieving penis enhancement is your goal, then you should consider the use of penis extenders. This is a method that has been recorded as effective and safe by most medical professionals.


How does Exercise Help in Erection?

Similar to the process of erection, the increase in the size of the penis occurs essentially because of an increase in blood flow, and also due to excitatory nerve impulses. Nerve impulses sway the bloodstream, which makes it a huge contributor to the advancements that are detected occasionally in the penis size.By expanding the number of impulses, exercise enhances the proficiency of nerve operations that stimulate penile tissue reaction, blood flow, and eventually an expanded penis size.

Exercise further enhances the circulation of blood, making it especially better during erection as more blood gushes into the penis and less blood moves out. This results in a greatly improved erection and the rectification of issues like erectile dysfunction.An enhanced flow of blood also forestalls harm to the arteries that endanger blood flow in the penis, the ensuing blood volume in the penis and the appropriate expansions in the level of erection, and the similar change in the size of the penis.

Physical exercise doesn’t decrease the extremely durable minimum penis size, neither does it expand its full possible length or width. Exercise also works to better the capacity to attain maximum penis length and width effortlessly.

Noteworthy, however, is that most men who practice exercising with the addition of steroids and supplements that contain elements that impersonate steroid capacities, whether purposely or unwittingly, experience a shrink in penis size resulting from the use of the steroids.

In summary, exercise doesn’t lessen the size of the penis.

The best adult stores in Australia

Do you want to discover yourself again at the best adult stores, get back together, or stay single? You will have a blast at whatever stage of your sexual journey you find yourself in. We’ve compiled a list of the best adult shops online in Australia for those that prefer to shop from the privacy of their homes. Top 5 Online adult shops that sell sex toys abound in Australia.

 Remember July

Online adult shops Remember July cater to female consumers. They are an Australian retailer selling BDSM accessories and well-known, trusted brands of body-safe sex toys. To offer a wider choice for women, men, and couples, Remember July hand-selects their vibration and massagers, dildo fun toys, and air pulse stimulators.

Each fortnight, a female Journalist contributes a feature article on topical sexuality. Its daily price checks ensure that you are paying the correct price. This is what we like most about this adult shop. Delivery is fast and discreet, and returns are easy.



Adultsmart Adult Shop is the sexual wellness online store that specializes in sex toys that will create romance and fun for a sexually fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Shipping discreetly and cheaply worldwide they offer shipping discounts,  support and experts advice in our adult lifestyle community blog!

Visit their flagship in person retail store – The Adult Lifestyle Center situated at 12 Production Avenue, Kogarah NSW.



As our top online adult shop, Lovehoney is ranked first. With products and customer service that keep improving since 2002, it has been around for quite a while. We want to help you have a fulfilling sexual life, and Lovehoney is more than just a seller of adult toys. Shoppers can now enjoy a discreet and non-seedy shopping experience for sex toys without a seedy or male-centric setting.

Currently, Lovehoney has a number of specials, so you can get a lot of savings by visiting their website. Customer service is excellent, there is a wide selection, good specials, sex toy advice, and the site have lots of coupon codes. They even thing for guys who are into Gay Webcams too.


Magic Men

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The Best Sex Positions for People Getting a Little Older

Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure among Senior Adults

A few things in life are inevitable but one thing that will definitely improve your life is knowing the Best Sex Positions. The sun will always rise in the east and humans will always grow old and die. That will continue unless we find the long-sought-after fountain of youth. Earth itself is aging, and that comes with the changes we witness on a daily basis.

Getting old can be frightening. You can’t move as fast as you used to. Your playful grandchildren get your heart pumping faster than Eminem’s rap songs. Worst of all, you seem to have lost the sexual drive you used to have back in the day. The question is, are you losing it?

We’d hardly put it that way. As much as aging sucks, it’s a beautiful privilege that most people don’t get. All these changes are at times normal, but it could be a sign of a deeper problem. So before you think of reigniting your sex life with conscious sex positions, first consult your therapist to get the green light. Therapy could come in handy in addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, hypothyroidism, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, or even fears of a heart attack. These are the most common medical conditions affecting sex in senior citizens, according to a relationship counselor from the best hookup sites 2021.

Suppose you don’t have any of these challenges. In that case, we can look at sex positions for senior citizens that deliver the best results.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Sex Positions For Seniors

First and most important, you need to understand that things and times have changed. What appealed to you 20 years down the line may make you sick right now. The same goes for your spouse. Some acrobatic sex positions you used to enjoy when you were 30 may be an impossible fete right now. What’s more, even what used to turn you on may be completely different.

Understanding and communicating this factor is the first step to rejuvenating your sexual experience. It’s easier said than done though.

Once you start this conversation, you’ll be better able to explore new things. That goes for sex positions as much as it applies to non-sexual stuff. You may succeed in moving past the physical constraints of sex, but the emotional factors probably contribute the most.

Warm the Bed with these Intimate Sex Positions

Now let’s get down to what you came here for. The best sex positions requiring low energy. We’ve got you covered. Among senior adults interviewed in a recent survey, as high as 76% gave much importance to sex in their relationships. If sex is this important for the majority of the aging population, it’s about time to find the best sex positions to reduce pain during sex and increase intimacy.


Some of the challenges that may hinder sex among the elderly include chronic pain, obesity, and arthritis. If you’re in pain, you would rather sleep and do nothing instead of having someone add to the pain. That’s the beauty of this sex position.

The spooning sex position has the man and woman lying on the bed with the man at the rear. This gives a man an extra advantage as the hands are free and flexible. You can explore other parts of her body as you penetrate her from the back. Since both partners are lying on their side, the chances of increased chronic pain are greatly minimized. A large tummy will also not be a significant problem as it would be if you two were facing each other. Moreover, if you have a heart condition, this sex position moderates your pace allowing you to take it easy.

Chair Love

Seniors searching for sex positions for headaches can try the chair position. The man sits on a one-person chair, and the woman climbs his laps. The woman can face you and rest her hands on your neck to offer extra support. The chair should be of considerable length and allow the woman to support herself on the floor. Alternatively, you can penetrate her from the back as this offers deeper penetration. Instead of riding you up and down, she can slowly but steadily grind against your penis.

With the woman straddling you, she will enjoy a good time without feeling fatigued or experiencing joint pains.


Remember when we said you should find more ways to excite each other? Well, The 69 sex position says a lot about your relationship. You two are willing to go the extra mile to please each other regardless of time. The 69 is a mutual masturbating sex position. It’s similar to the spooning method. However, this time, you both face each other as one person turns, facing the other side of the bed. Ideally, both your heads should be within reach of each other’s private parts. You can use your hands, lips, or whatever is within reach to give each other pleasure.

Closing Remarks

Finding new ways of building intimacy is not as hard as you may think. You both may not be in the mood, but you can decide to give it a shot and see where that leads. Some call it faking it till you make it.

Another frequent question we find is whether sex positions can cause bleeding in women. Well, vaginal dryness is common with age. This comes with reduced estrogen production. It may cause bleeding at times. Some degree of vaginal dryness is treatable, while others only need a little lubrication with lubes.

Anyway, age doesn’t mean that you should forget passion and desire! Explore yourself and each other, making your life as bright as it was in your 20s! What sex positions will you embrace to determine your sex life going forward?

Jade is a finance analyst and has been involved in many successful business projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She started writing 3 years ago and enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of finances, budgeting, money advice, lifestyle and wellness. Jade loves to spend time with her family and has a lot of hobbies including hiking, riding a bike, cooking and traveling.

Sex and Stress: Is There Any Connection?

Stress can be detrimental to the body, causing significant harm to health. For example, chronic stress increases cancer risk and many other diseases by weakening the immune system.

Is this information insufficient to convince you of the importance of regular rest? Keep in mind that stress can have a great effect on the quality of your sex life as well. If you can instantly fix everyday problems with an instant payday loan and get rid of a stressful situation, then the impact of stress on health is not so simple to fix.

Stress affects us physically and emotionally, and it also influences our relationships with other people. So what is a normal sex life? How can you fight stress for better sex life? You will find all the answers in our article.

How Does Stress Affect Sex Life?

Sex can help relieve tension. What’s more, some people get even more aroused when faced with stress. This is a kind of defence mechanism. But for many people, the system works exactly the opposite. When people experience stress, they withdraw into themselves and are afraid that intimacy will make them nervous again, and excitement will cause another unpleasant emotion. As a result, such people spend all their emotional resources trying to avoid any worries and anxieties. And in the end, stress becomes the reason why they stop having sex.

The effect of stress on sex life is due to nature itself. In stressful situations, the main task is to survive, not reproduce. Therefore, stress activates those functions of the body that are critical for survival (for example, speeding up the heart rate and blood circulation) while suppressing secondary functions, including sexual.

Unfortunately, stress can disrupt your sex life on several levels. First of all, on the hormonal. Chronic stress leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which lowers libido. In women, stress can disrupt the menstrual cycle, which is hardly helpful for the right mood. Also, regular anxiety and confusion can reduce the pleasure of sex, making it difficult to experience an orgasm.

Fatigue also leads to a sex life crisis. Our main sex organ is the brain. If your brain is busy with completely different worries during sex, you are constantly distracted by inappropriate thoughts. As a result, it is more difficult for you to focus on your arousal, pleasant sensations, and orgasm.

Stress can depress sexuality not only directly but also indirectly. The hormones that the body produces during stress affect metabolism, leading to weight changes. As a result, we begin to feel dissatisfaction with ourselves, with our body, which may lead to the lack of the desire to have sex.

Chronic stress often provokes depression and anxiety disorders, which also negatively affect the ability to enjoy. Some people with chronic stress complain that they don’t have the right mood for sex at all. In addition, under stress, we often drink more alcohol than in a calm state, which also hurts healthy sex life.

How Does Stress Affect Men and Women?

The bodies of men and women experience chronic stress in different ways: men mostly have problems with erection, and women lose attraction to a partner, although this is individual.

In men, the level of sex drive depends on testosterone. Chronic stress suppresses the production of this hormone. As a result, it leads to problems with the cardiovascular system. And circulatory disorders – to erectile dysfunction. Although sometimes, stress becomes the cause of premature ejaculation leading to life without sex. Stress and a decrease in testosterone levels over time lead to a deterioration in the quality of the sperm produced: the number of sperm cells, their mobility, and vitality decreases.

In women, stress suppresses ovulation and the production of estrogens, the female sex hormones that affect sex drive. Their level partly depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. In the middle of it – about six days before and six days after ovulation – female libido increases.

In the blood of women, there is a small number of male sex hormones – androgens. Their number does not directly affect libido in any way, but when there are too many of them, malfunctions of the reproductive system occur. To prevent this from happening, enzymes in the fat layer convert androgens to estrogens. Sometimes, due to prolonged stress, women lose weight, and then there are not enough enzymes. This leads to the fact that the number of estrogen decreases and the level of libido along with it.

It is impossible to avoid stress, but you can identify its main sources and think about minimizing its impact on your sex life.

How to Help Your Body Relieve Stress?

Fortunately, this problem can be dealt with. Finding healthy ways to relieve stress is important. It can be sports or yoga, massage, relaxing baths. Take the time to take care of yourself and get sex life better.

The solutions are incredibly commonplace: getting adequate sleep, light physical activity, a varied diet, and the skills to manage stressful moments in life.

Although it is impossible to completely avoid stress, it is necessary to highlight several main sources of stress and think about eliminating their impact on our lives.

How to improve sex life? Being intimate with a partner can help reduce stress, so it’s worth trying to find time for it in the afternoon or morning. We often get too tired by the evening. The feelings that sex evokes in us – a feeling of closeness, a deep connection with a partner, calm relaxation – can be our natural defences against stress.

If you cannot spice up sex life on your own, and you are tired of constant fatigue and lack of desire, you can visit a psychotherapist who works in cognitive-behavioural therapy.


Psychologists recommend considering any situation, including the most stressful, from the point of view of a resource and benefit for a person. This period will not necessarily become full of new sexual discoveries for you, but it is quite possible to maintain closeness and find new aspects in it.

Start spending time with your partner; find the opportunity to pay attention to your sex life even in a busy schedule. Make it a priority. Listen to each other; look for different ways to revive passion. This is what your body now demands.

Do you see any connection between stress and sex in your life? Please share your experience in the comments below.


Authors bio:

Jade is a finance analyst and has been involved in many successful business projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She started writing 3 years ago and enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of finances, budgeting, money advice, lifestyle and wellness. 

Jade loves to spend time with her family and has a lot of hobbies including hiking, riding a bike, cooking and traveling.