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Penis Weights Will Stretch Your Penis

Hanging is perhaps the oldest self-applied method of penis enlargement buy should only be attempted by the advanced. Weight hanging consists of attaching a device (usually a rope or a strap) that grips the glans or just behind the glans and allows a weight to be suspended for a specific amount of time. Then a conscious effort is made to exercise the penis by raising the weight in repetitions to increase the strength and stamina as well as elongation of the penis.

Penis Weight Extension – Stretching The Penis

Extreme weight hanging, however, can also carry risks, which include nerve damage, chronic pain, scarring and impotence. The idea behind weight hanging is to stretch the tunica albuginea and other various tissues of the penis. The general effect is to elongate the penis, although widening can also occur, commonly at the base of the penis.  Hanging can also be used to enlarge the testicles and other areas of the body.

Hanging weights from your penis may appear like something you’d see in a sideshow demonstration, the penis development advantages of utilizing weights and hooks exceed any questions and reasons for alarm. At the point when done securely and appropriately, the use of ties to your penis, through penis weights and pegs, is one of the most ideal approaches to expand your penis length, as well as your girth.

How Do Penis Weights & Hangers Work?

The hanging of weights from the penis, to encourage penis broadening, has been carried out for centuries. Tribes from around the globe, have fixed rocks to their penises, to develop a bigger penis. The rule behind this development is the same standard athletes use to develop more muscles.

The pressure put on the penis by the weights brings about micro-tears in the tissues of the penis. Repair of these tears brings about new cell development and a bigger penis. Dissimilar to when you extend a bit of material and it gets to be more slender, the new cell development implies you’ll pick up development in your penis length, as well as in girth.

All penis weights and clothes rod frameworks chip away at the same guideline, there are contrasts between the models. Most remarkably is the diverse configuration of the hook mechanical assemblies and how they append to the penis. The diverse plans offer distinctive levels of comfort.

Penis Weight Stretching

Are Penis Weights & Hangers The Same As Extenders & Stretchers?

Penis weights and hangers lengthen your penis with the same rule as extenders and stretchers. Additionally, both are extremely viable in acknowledging penis growth results. Notwithstanding, the two sorts of methods are distinctive in configuration and schedule.

  • Penis hanging spotlights on a high measure of weight (strain) for brief times of time.
  • Extenders and stretchers utilize a low measure of strain for a long time.

Pros Of Weights And Hangers:-


  • Ultimate length Exercise– Because you can include a boundless measure of weight, there is no restriction to the length you can accomplish, given time and consistency.
  • Controlled– You know precisely the amount of weight/power is being connected whenever, which permits you to incrementally build your weight as you advance.
  • Hands Free– Once you have your hook and/or weights connected, you can perform different assignments.
  • Bonus Girth– Most long haul hooks pick up .5″ to 1″ or all the more in erect penis base girth.
  • Angles and Fulcrums– There are about boundless conceivable outcomes for edges and supports to leap forward any level in your penis development venture.
  • Minimal Time Investment– Just one 20 minute set every day can bring about significant additions
  • Relatively Safe– When done accurately and your physiological pointers are checked, hanging is a safe type of penis activity.


  • Injury Risk– When fitting precautionary measures are not taken, hanging weight from your penis can be perilous.
  • For Advanced Exercisers–  Hanging ought to just be performed by those with 3 months+ of penis amplification molding, because of the danger of damage.
  • Stationary–  It is dangerous to stroll around while the weight is joined to a hook. Thus, you ought to plan a time of time when you can be in one spot for your whole hanging session.
  • Privacy – If you have no privacy, hanging can be hard to do as you’ll have to stay put amid your session.
  • Consistency Required– If you don’t hang every day you may very well wind up with a stronger penis but not longer penis. Like any activity schedule, consistency is key!
  • Slow Start Up– The initial few weeks of hanging are simply skin extending and connection point alteration.

Stretching A Penis

What Is A Good Penis Hanging Routine?

Keep in mind, as with all activity schedules, beginning off moderate and continuously getting more weight is the most ideal approach to evade damage. Hanging, by configuration, is an extraordinary penis expansion method. Continuously listen to your body and be alert. As with different activities, hanging requires some investment and commitment to acknowledge results.

The Penis Hanging Low Down:-

Penis hanging is an awesome approach to get the penis extension results you need. On the off chance that you have a constrained measure of time, where an extender simply isn’t possible, and the high weight/short sessions of penis hanging may be ideal for you! At the point when added to a penis broadening schedule that incorporates other manual penis practices and/or gadgets, you will make sure to amplify your development.

Picking a Hanging Device

Penis Bib Hanger

So you’re an accomplished Peer now and you’re prepared to hang. You now need to pick a hanging gadget. There are two essential sorts of hanging gadgets:

Conventional Hangers: (Bib Hanger, Muzzle Hanger, Sock Hanger, Captn’s Wench, and so forth)

There’s a long expectation to absorb information on getting the wrap and clothes rod connection settings consummated. When you streamline your settings over numerous months, there’s a relative level of peace. Nonetheless, this kind of peg will never be as agreeable as a Vacuum clothes rod. With Vacuum hooks, you’re restricted to perhaps some place of around 15-20lbs of weight on the top of the line. Conversely, with a conventional peg, there’s no genuine powerful weight limit. Experienced pegs like “Dustpan” have utilized as much as 75lbs for brief times of time while hanging.

Vacuum Attachments:

Vacuum Hangers:

Vacuum Hangers

There’s a genuinely short expectation to learn and adapt on joining these gadgets, since a wrap is not a flat out necessity. Nonetheless, most VAC hooks, particularly those utilizing higher weights observe that they completely must utilize tape to secure their glans.

You additionally don’t have to stress over taking breaks like clockwork. Numerous Vacuum hanging PEers observe that they can keep up blood stream while hanging. This implies, generously less work is obliged versus a conventional hanger. Keep in mind, each time you connect a customary hanger, you’ve became acquainted with the settings right, which can be troublesome initially, and still repetitive regardless of the possibility that you’re an experienced hanger. On the off chance that your wrap gets detached, or is tumbling off, you might likewise be compelled to re-wrap.

In spite of the immense focal points of Vacuum hanging, there are still a few drawbacks. You can’t go past 15lbs to 20lbs (contrast that with a conventional peg where there’s practically no weight limit). At higher weights, the VAC peg either causes an excess of torment or the silicone sleeve tears. Generally speaking, there have been various reports that VAC hooks can make your penis not ideal to look at. In view of episodic confirmation, it shows up this is all the more a worry with overwhelming VAC clothes rod utilization.

Most manufacturers issue you a couple of dispensable silicon sleeves when you first buy a VAC hook, however in the long run they will all tear with use (or expanded weight). At that point you will have to purchase more silicon sleeves. Heaps of VAC pegs have attempted to make their own particular silicon sleeves, however frequently this winds up being generally as more show than go. Over months and years VAC hanging inevitably turns into a more difficult and problematic than conventional hanging because of the unavoidable need to keep supplanting the silicone sleeves.

Some extremely experienced PEers discover they find themselves able to start hanging with as much as 10lbs. Notwithstanding, its firmly prescribed you just utilize 2.5lbs to 5lbs when first beginning, alongside 3x to 4x 20 moment hanging sessions. In case you’re not an accomplished PEer, you shouldn’t be hanging. On the off chance that you choose to hang without legitimate molding (rash), you ought to begin with just 2.5lbs and maybe just 2x sets. Furthermore, in case you’re at a lower weight, for example, 2.5lbs, you ought to just be expanding weight in augmentations of .5lbs, and maybe you ought to restrain yourself to including 1/2lb every week max, until you achieve 5lbs. With experienced clothes rods, its safe to mean 1lb every week, except this ought to still be carried out in 1/2lb augmentations as well. Don’t surge too quick, makef time. Appreciate the additions you can experience while hanging at lower weights, since in the end you’ll have to utilize more weight to make littler and littler increases.

Penis Vacuum Hanging Weights

The more experienced you turn into, the more molded your penis will get to be. You don’t need your tunica and ligaments turning to steel overnight. The thought is to utilize the slightest weight conceivable while as yet coming to exhaustion. Toning it down would be best, this is not a weightlifting rivalry. Don’t be embarrassed about utilizing less weight. I began at 2.5lbs, and I stayed at the lower weights to the extent that this would be possible. Trust your sentiments, and don’t drive yourself to the point of damage. In the end the additions will accompany hanging the length of you don’t get harmed. Then again, a harm could rashly end your (conceivably) brilliant hanging vocation.

Your 1st Hanging Routine:-

-5 to 10 minute warm-up (e.g. rice-sock)

-2.5lbs to 5lbs (Test at the lighter weight first, stop adding weight if there’s any pain)

-reduce weight if needed during subsequent sets.

-3x or 4x 20 minute hanging sets (don’t be afraid to end your set early if something feels wrong

-10 minute breaks between sets, use light jelqs, massage, or slap your penis on your leg to restore circulation. This is a good time to inspect your penis for any marks or pinches (sometimes I visually see bruises before I can feel them). Often a minor injury implies a problem with your technique (or simply too much weight). If you realize your wrap is too tight, this is also a good time to re-wrap.

-5 to 10 minute warm-down

**expect at least 2 weeks of skin stretching and hanger attachment point stress adjustment

**angles like BTC and fulcrums are very difficult to adjust to. take it SLOW if needed. an injury will only set you back

**it took me a very, very long time to get used to the deep BTC angle

**don’t try a fulcrum unless you have at least 6 months of hanging experience

**warm-ups are very important and it will help your internals stretch instead of breaking

General guidelines are:-

-Always Warm up & Warm Down

-Eventually reach at least 30x sets per week (10 hours of hang time weekly)

-Light Jelqs (10-20 minutes) should always be done to restore circulation (along with BTB jelqs)

-You can keep the wrap on between sets, but slap your penis on your leg, or massage it to restore circulation

-Take rest days as needed but make sure to read the section below.

Assume 2 Hours of Available Hanging Time:-

Maximize your privacy time then begin adding weight. Move up in .5lb increments, adding no more than 1lb per week early on. Remember, avoid sharp pain, and increase in 1/2 lb increments. Once you’re past 10lbs, 1.5lbs or 2lbs per week might be ok. Don’t add both weight & more sets in the same week. Also, split sets are important & help growth a lot. If you’re really riding the fatigue, your max weight will go down sometimes.

Sample Routine Progression:-

(adjust as needed based on how you feel)

Week 01: 3x sets 2lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 02: 4x sets 2lbs Max @ 20m each (only adding sets)

Week 03: 5x sets 2lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 04: 6x sets 2lbs Max @ 20m each (privacy time maximized)

Week 05: 6x sets 3lbs Max @ 20m each (only adding weight)

Week 06: 6x sets 4lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 07: 6x sets 5lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 08: 6x sets 6lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 09: 6x sets 7lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 10: 6x sets 8lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 11: 6x sets 9lbs Max @ 20m each

Week 12: 6x sets 10lbs Max @ 20m each

Normally you will only reach your maximum weight during 1x set (maybe 2x sets). It’s ok to reduce the weight in subsequent sets if you start feeling pain. Reaching your maximum weight in the 1st or 2nd set then being forced to reduce weight in later sets is called riding the fatigue.

Critical Guidelines:-

-Do Not add more than 1lb per week

-Do Not add more than 1x 20 minute set per week

-Do Not add additional sets AND hanging weight during the same week (increase one or the other, not both)

-Do Not spend more than 4 hours on one angle (due to diminishing returns)

(4 hours = 12x sets; if you hang more than 4 hours, choose a secondary angle of attack)

Small Penis Hurt


**1lb every week principle: There are generous connection point burdens applied on your penis when you hang. Regardless of the fact that you can hypothetically handle 10lbs, your penis may not be prepared for the level of connection point weight/ clothes rod snugness needed. Regardless of the fact that you have an adapted penis, despite everything you’ll have to adjust to hanging. Issue yourself time, and be persistent. Most clothes rods increase little or nothing amid their initial few weeks. Consider those weeks an interest in a greater penis. Amid this time of conformity, don’t be reluctant to take rest days as required (e.g. 3 days on 1 vacation day, 2 days on 1 day away from work, whatever).

Rest Days:-

When you have adjusted to hanging, when and how you rest is your own right. Napkin exhorts against rest days totally (unless they are completely required because of damage danger). In case you’re uncomfortable with that, or if your calendar won’t permit it, I suggest at any rate hanging one set every day, and make an effort not to do that more than 1-2 days every week at most. Hanging no less than one set will help you keep from mending shorter & to some degree better keep up the additions you’ve effectively made. In the event that you feel excessively sore, making it impossible to hang, don’t drive yourself to the point of harm; fail as an afterthought of alert. Something else, continue hanging.

Watch your PIs, listen to your body, and do what feels ideal for you. When you’re hanging you ought to be an accomplished with PE and have a thought of what feels right. This doesn’t change with hanging; EQ, morning wood, & other PI’s still apply the same as they did in the recent past. Attempt to streamline your routine and rest days to augment your increases; make sense of what works for your physiology.

Internal Structure Of Penis

Objective = Bigger, Not Stronger Penis:-

In the event that you take an excess of rest days your most extreme weight may go up too quick. It has been exhibited ordinarily that hooks have a tendency to pick up the most beneath 20lbs. You need to stay in a low weight territory as far as might be feasible. On the off chance that you take an excess of rest days, you could wind up making a shorter, stronger dick that can deal with more weight. A shorter, stronger penis is counter-gainful since what you truly need is a more extended penis (you’re hanging for length not quality).

Discretionary: 1x Light Set on Your Rest Day:-

Only one light set on your off day will make your most extreme weight increment all the more gradually and haul out pleats in your ligaments, restoring the disfigurement from earlier days. This will re-make micro tears, and help you keep on healing in a prolonged state (rather than a shorter, stronger state). Your penis will stay weaker, and your most extreme weight will stay lower, yet you will be amplifying your additions from distortion. With this method, you can even now take 1-2 rest days every week, except you ought to hang no less than one light set on those days. Keeping your penis in this debilitated state is a high hazard action that can convey huge prizes. That is the reason this is a discretionary, higher danger method (versus ordinary rest days).