Tips for Boosting your Sexual Stamina

Enhancing sexual stamina is one of the things many men think about. The average time taken by males is between two to five minutes, whereas it’s quite long for females. There’s increased pressure nowadays for men to last longer to please their partners (whether long time partners or those they’ve hooked up with from dating sites for one night stands). Luckily, there are methods you can adopt to enhance your libido.

<h2>How to Boost Sex Drive – Be Active</h2>

Regular exercises are to your overall health. Your heart rate may go up while engaging in sex; however, frequent exercising will boost your sexual drive by keeping your heart in good condition. Try to do some exercising each day. It will assist in improving your sex drive.

<h2>Eating Fruits and Veggies</h2>

This is another ideal method to boost sex drive. There are certain fruits and vegetables that can increase blood flow. For instance, regular eating of garlic can improve blood circulation. Moreover, eating bananas can boost sex drive. They are rich in potassium and can assist in lowering blood pressure, thus becoming beneficial to your sexual organs.

<h2>How to Boost Sex Stamina – Consume the Following Foods and Meat</h2>

Consume foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids. They enhance the blood flow. Foods that contain this include mackerel, chia seeds, avocados, and soybeans. In addition, consume foods such as nuts, pork, and whole grains that are rich in vitamin B-1 (this confirms which vitamins boost sex drive).

<h2>Avoid Stress</h2>

Stress is bad for your health; your sex dive included. Stress leads to a surge in heart rate plus blood pressure. All these are harmful to your sexual drive. Whenever you are stressed psychologically, it becomes difficult to get an erection.

Whenever you exercise, you reduce your chances of being stressed and, therefore, improve your health. Communicating with your partner regarding your stress can relax you. Furthermore, stress can make you develop bad habits like alcohol intake or smoking – which can be harmful to your sexual performance.

<h2>How to Boost Sex Drive for Man – Avoid Bad Habits</h2>

As mentioned above, habits like excessive consumption of alcohol plus smoking can negatively impact your performance. Whereas some research has revealed that a little red wine enhances circulation, taking a lot of alcohol can affect you negatively. Stimulants make blood vessels narrow and have likewise been associated with impotence. For you to boost sex drive, try to reduce smoking or quit it altogether. Replace these habits with beneficial ones like regular exercising.

<h2>Concentrate on Your Partner</h2>

Sexual intercourse is a two-way thing. Sex becomes enjoyable to your partner when you focus on their desires. Communicating with your partner regarding this in advance will help you deal with any uneasiness if you wish to slow things down. It eventually makes the experience more pleasant for the two of you.

<h2>Testosterone and Libido</h2>

Will testosterone boost sex drive?

Testosterone is crucial in a man’s health, including fueling sex drive and overall sexual activity. Testosterone levels tend to decrease as you age. When the levels fall, men can experience a decrease in sexual drive and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, they can lead to mood changes and a reduction in muscle mass. Some older men have considered testosterone replacement therapy [TRT] to boost their testosterone levels. However, before you decide to use this treatment, you need to note its possible health risks, for instance, erythrocytosis and congestive heart failure.

<h2>Pills to Boost Sex Drive</h2>

Nowadays, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs have become readily available. Examples of ED pills available are Viagra and Cialis. They help improve blood flow to the penis and keep the blood to sustain an erection. However, before you take these pills to boost sex drive, know that they have side effects such as muscle pain, stomach upset, and headaches.

<h2>How to Boost Sex Drive after Steroids</h2>

Regarding how to boost sex drive after steroids, steroids have the ability to make individuals feel extra confident sexually and enhance their sex drive. They can come in the form of pills or a liquid that is injected. Some of their side effects are high blood pressure and acne. They can also reduce sex drive. If you’ve stopped using them and you feel your sex drive has reduced, seek medical advice. You can have your testosterone hormone levels tested and then be advised on the ideal action to take.


Having a low libido can dent your confidence. Low self-esteem when it comes to sex can lead to problems such as performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. The above information on how to boost sex stamina will assist you.

What else can you recommend to boost sex drive?

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