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From the developer of Jes, the world’s first traction device, Male Edge penis is a significant improvement and competitor for said devices when it comes to penis enlargement and extenders.

A study was done showing that about fifty-five percent of all men were unhappy with the size of a penis. With as many optional solutions as there are for tending to this issue, why is it that so few have decided to do something about it? The most plausible reason I can conclude is the risk of injury or possible side effects of pills or surgery. But there is an alternative solution. A solution that involves no medications with long-term side effect and no discomfort or risk due to surgery. This option is referred to as a penis enlargement device. The Male Edge penis is a penis enlargement device that is designed to comfortably and safely grow your penis without chemical or surgical usage. It uses one hundred percent natural techniques to grow your penis up to twenty-four percent in length up to nineteen percent in girth.

The Male Edge uses a scientific method called traction to enlarge your penis. When cell tissue is slowly stretched, the cells died and built new wall tissue naturally, leaving you with all the benefits of a larger penis. It slowly stretches your penis over time. Think of this process Comfort wise the way you would when stretching your legs before a workout. If you were to just stretch as far as you can without any warm-up, you would undoubtedly tear a muscle. But, if you were to reach right to your comfort zone and hold it there, after a minute or so you would find that you could stretch a little further than before. I’m not saying that this device will work in matters of minutes. I’m just trying to apply this basic idea to another activity that you might relate to.

The Male Edge is the recent launch of a product line that has been around and sold for fourteen years called the Jes-Extender. Since its development, it has undergone countless changes based on customer feedback. The Male Edge is the newest and most up to date model in this companies male enlargement products. The biggest difference in the Male Edge product line is plastic, instead of metal. Even with this change, the Male Edge is still the strongest Male enlargement products on the market. Only now it weighs 2.1 ounces and it much more affordable than its previous line.

Male Edge Extender Review – Effective:-

The Edge extender developed by the same company that created the Jes extender over a decade ago. Thus, they have many years of experience in making male enhancement devices. The Male’s Edge penis extender is an improvement over the Jes extender- it is more comfortable to wear, easier to use, and more efficient. It is offered in three ways: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra, and Male Edge Pro. The following are the significant benefits of the device:

  • Increases Penis Length (Up To 24%)
  • Increases Penis Width (Up To 12%)
  • Straightens Curved/Bent Penises90% In 12 Months
  • Enables Stronger And Harder Erections

Another major benefit is that this extender is comfortable to wear. This is critical because the more comfortable an extender to wear, the more you will be wearing it.

How Does Male Edge Work?

The body has a natural ability to expand and grow under pressure. This is the fundamental principle on which the device is built – it is the concept of traction in action. It is an effective method that clinically is proven to work. When pressure is used to the penile tissues, its cells grow. Results in a longer and wider penis as more tissues formed. The device also works to correct curved penises.

This is the same idea that some primitive tribes have used to stretch certain body parts, such as the neck, lips, and ear lobes. The results that Male Edge provides are permanent. It is proven to work when used consistently (for at least 4 hours each day). Because the results are based on that of the frequency of the usage, it is advisable to use the device as often as possible. It may be worn while you are engaged in all your normal daytime activities and it is okay to sleep with it on.

Does Male Edge Work?

According to consumer opinion and reviews, as found in online user forums etc., this extender is effective in increasing penis size. Guys find it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, some people are commenting on how “flimsy” the extender is, and how it has broken into pieces for a few individuals.  This was a problem that was accepted by the manufacturers and rectified in updates of the product some years ago.

The Male Edge manufacturers now offer an effective double your money back guarantee if the product fails to work for you they are that confident that the problems have been rectified. To claim a refund, you must have used the device as prescribed for a sufficient period. You must also take a picture before you start using it and register on their official website. The device is covered by a 2-year manufacturer replacement warranty. So if you want to give this extender a spin, I have no reason to persuade you otherwise.

Male Edge Review: Is This Penis Enlarger Any Good? Does It Work?

If looking for a good Male Edge review, then look no further. This article takes a hard look at what this penis enlarger device can do for you. We will also find out if it works and whether it is a product you can trust and buy. Read on.

  1. Is The Seller Of The Product Reputable?

The manufacturer of this product is Dana Life which is a spin-off from DanaMedic, the makers of the popular Jes Extender. This Danish company has been in the business of making and distributing male enhancement devices for more than ten years already. So it is, of course, a reputable seller you can trust.

2. Is The Product Of High Quality?

Originating from Danamedic, they guarantee the quality of the item. The Male Edge enlarger is a change over the first Jes Extender particularly in the range of how comfortable it is to wear. When you feel good wearing a penis device, you are more likely to achieve your objectives. This is on account that it will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, thereby enhancing the enlarging effect; if it were not so comfortable in all probability you would not continue to use it.

3. Are There Any Endorsements By The Medical Community?

Male Edge has a CE certificate determining it as a Penis Enlargement Device.  You assured this product is approved by doctors and scientists because it developed by DanaMedic, a specialist in medical equipment.  It is deemed ot be 100% safe for home use and is cleared with the FDA

4. Customer Testimonials:-

Male Edge has received rave reviews from industry experts and customer reviews on the product and whether or not it can help you increase the size of your manhood.

Male Edge Reviews

5. How Does It Work? What Are The Expected Results?

As per Danamedic, this enlargement device deals with the Principle of Traction. What does that mean? There is a footing placed around the head of the penis and another along the shaft holding the device in place – traction is then applied to the penis. This causes tissue cells to separate and increase in length and girth – a notable procedure called cytokinesis. After some time, this outcome in new tissue development all through the penis, making your masculinity unmistakably longer and thicker in a matter of months.

When used as per the instructions you can expect a size increase of up to 28% but no less than 19% over a six month period. Continued use after the six month period may increase size further but no results after the six month period are guaranteed.

6. Money Back Guarantees:-

The Male Edge enlargement comes with a double money back ensure that few can match. According to the manufacturer, if you used the device and completed the program and yet showed no results, you will get back twice the money you paid. That’s an audacious show of confidence that the product indeed works.

But to qualify for the “double refund,” you need to show proof. We think this is quite reasonable. Otherwise, anyone can abuse the guarantee and make a scam out of it.

Here’s what the vendor requires you to do to get a refund:

You will have to to log your progress online once a week. You’ll also need to take before and after photos of your penis. For consistency, make sure you’re wearing you Edge penis enlarger in both of these pictures and holding a ruler alongside your penis.

7. Adverse Side Effects:-

This Male Edge enlarger is constructed to be safe for usage. It is also designed to give you maximum comfort. However, no matter how advanced the design is, you may still experience some soreness around the penis shaft in the first few weeks of usage. Luckily, this discomfort will wear off, and you will feel more comfortable as you get more used to the device.

Penis Extender Review And How To Use It:-

1, The Male Edge Extender Pro penis extender. Is the best balance for affordability; quality and performance while still maintaining very strict safety standards. The Extender Pro can be worn the longest out of all the systems, will not create a deviated penis, will not cause soreness at the base or pinch the penis in any way.

  1. The Jes-extender is the best device, from being well made and comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s a little too well made and is hefty. The weight of the jet extender on your penis creates soreness along the entire base which will prevent you from wearing the device for more than an hour straight. The jet extender does offer decent value as you can pick from 2 different packages. The Extender has a good name, and if you can wear this system without moving around too much, it may be just right for you.

Jes extender Sale

3.The Male Edge Basic extender is made entirely out of plastic. Because the device is entirely plastic, it is on the less healthy side of the quality spectrum. Penis extender is the traditional method, using tension exerted by a spring loaded mechanism.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger, Fast With An Extender:-

The goal of many men these days is to have a larger and wider penis. There is nothing wrong with desiring a longer and stronger penis as the essential tools of the trade for any man. We, as a gender, are unfortunately judged by the size of our penis. This is demonstrated in many social as well as highly personal relationship settings. And through no fault of our own, we can be born a bit undersized or skinny as a pencil to put it politely.

There is a device that has been around since the ancient Egyptians, referred to as the penis extender, which can offer some relief and length. When the goal is to make penis bigger, faster, it is the penis extender to the rescue! The way the penis extender works is quite simple and involves exercises as well as patience.

The first step is to describe the essential components of a penis extender. Visualize if you will, a device with two thumbscrews, one on each side that in turn exists only to elongate the penis in quarter-inch increments.  A Penis extender is adjustable and relatively pain-free as it has been designed with centuries of upgrades and realization that the penis is one of the most sensitive areas on a man. With this in mind, the modern-day penis extenders have soft grips that grab the foreskin of the penis and elongate, up to a certain degree and hold that stretching motion. In short, the penis extender does just that; it will expand your penis.

To achieve gains in your girth length, you must wear the extender for a good stretch of the day. 5 to 10 hours is a good daily time frame for a penis extender, and the beautiful thing about this is that it can do while you’re asleep! Snoozing to grow, what an excellent concept for penis enlargement!

Make Your Penis Bigger, Fast With Penis Extender

The expected length gain for most men who wear penis extenders is between 1 to 2 inches. That is fantastic news, especially for men who are right on the edge of having at least an average sized penis. For example, a man that has a 4-inch penis fully extended and aroused, with an additional 1.5 inches has 5.5 inches and is right there with the majority of people throughout the world! Emotionally speaking this can pay high dividends for a man that suffered for years from a tiny penis and actually can be seen as a physical benefit in the bedroom as well. The normal time frame for gaining that incredible 1.5 inches is about six months, and this is where patience comes into play.

Most men that purchase and adequately use a penis extender have nothing but great things to say about the devices. As with any medical durable equipment device that used for the anatomical lengthening of a very important male organ, safety and security need to demonstrate at all times. In conclusion, the average man who simply follows the instructions to the tee and shows both patience and intelligence while using a penis extender will be rewarded with a longer and thicker penis in the end.

Anatomy of a Penis

How to Make A Penis Bigger –

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enlarge your penis. In fact, many men are now looking for the safest and most effective ways to enhance their manhood, just as women rushed to enlarge their breasts when implants first entered the world of cosmetic surgery. Penis enlargement has been known to result not just in a significant improvement in one’s sexual abilities, but also in a huge boost in one’s self-confidence. Before you make the crucial decisions regarding male enhancement, make sure that you know how to make penis bigger in a safe way.

There are many people – drug manufacturers in particular – who claim that the best and safest way to enlarge your penis is by taking herbal male supplements. There are also those who swear by penile exercises as the only true way to achieve permanent results where male enhancement is concerned. Research and customer feedback, however, indicate that a combination of these two is your best bet towards getting your desired penile length and girth.

Male enhancement pills are said to work by increasing the flow of blood into your penis. There are several hundred types of pills on the market, and all of them claim to be the best in penis enlargement. For this reason, you will have to be very careful in making your choice. Read the product label carefully and make sure that you only consider those that truly have all natural and herbal ingredients. You would also do well to read up on customer feedback and professional product reviews so you will get an idea of how it worked on other people. This will ensure not only the effectiveness of the product but also its safety.

Kegel exercises, jelqing, and the length extender

Penile exercises are usually performed for about 15 minutes daily. There are several exercises that you can choose from, but the most common are Kegel exercises, jelqing, and the length extender. Kegel exercises are relatively easy to perform. It is done simply by flexing your PC muscle for 10-15 minutes per day. The action is similar to stopping the flow of urine while you are in the middle of peeing. Jelqing is a bit more complex and has to be done in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom. Massage your penis gently until it is semi-erect then make an “okay” sign with your palm facing you. Grasp the base of your penis with the okay sign and slowly slide your fingers towards the head. Repeat the motion with your other hand. Perform the repetitions for 10-15 minutes as well.

Finally, you have the length extender. This exercise is ideal for those people who are concerned mostly with the length and size of the penis and are quite satisfied with its girth. Sit on the edge of a chair or couch, take a firm grip around the head of the flaccid penis and then slowly pull your penis until you feel a good stretch. Just be careful not to pull it to the point of discomfort. Hold the pull for 30 seconds and then release. Do ten repetitions each day. Now that you know how to make penis bigger in a safe way, you can start looking forward to a more active sexual life.

As you can see in this short Male Edge review, this product is clearly a legitimate one, is a high-quality product that works on the proven Principle of Traction. If you want to have a bigger penis size or even to correct a bent or curved penis, the then the Male Edge enlarger is an ideal product to get. For you are not only getting a high-quality device that comes with a one-of-a-kind double money back guarantee you can do it


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