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How much do you know about the penis? Well, you know quite a bit about the penis. However, there are many things about the penis that you are not aware of as well. We thought of sharing few such things along with you. You will be able to go through these facts and get a better understanding about the penis.

As you already know, humans have evolved along with time. In fact, Homo sapiens have evolved from Neanderthals. Scientists have conducted a variety of researches on this as well. From those researchers, they have discovered that penises are in a position to deliver hard spikes. However, the structure of the penis changed along with time. It happened mainly due to help men to ensure their survival. However, we will still be able to find some animal species such as monkeys and mice getting such hard spikes. We will never know how the penis would change in the future to ensure survival of mankind on this planet.

  • You can get erections from childbirth

Even babies can get childbirth. That’s because your penis will be born ready. From the recent studies, it has also been identified that babies exist womb along with an erection. This act has been verified from ultrasound scans.

  • Penis is twice as long than you think

Most of the men are concerned about the size of the penis. You must be one of them. If so, this would be quite a surprising fact for you. Your penis is twice as long as you think.  What you see in the penis is the part that has come out. Your penis still connects to the rest of the body and there is a part of it inside your body as well. If you can take a look at a medical diagram, you will be able to get a better understanding about it. Along with that, you will understand that there is no need to worry too much about the size of your penis.

  • Shoe size is a myth

We can find numerous myths about the size of penis as well. Shoe size is one just common myth out of them. This myth originated from a scientific experiment. The experiment was published back in the year 1993. From that experiment, it was told that the size of the penis is related to the foot and height length. However, the researchers who conducted the experiment have taken some incorrect measures into consideration. Due to the same reason, we cannot tell that the size of your penis is related to the show size.

  • You have erections even while you are sleeping

It has also been identified that men are having erections during sleep as well. An average man would have around 3 to 5 erections in a typical night. In most of the instances, these erections are taking place during the REM sleep. This can be considered as the main reason why you are waking up in the morning along with an erection as well.

  • Erections take place during death as well.

This will be a shocking fact about the penis. You have one final erection before your death. This is called as the terminal erection or the angel lust. In fact, this erection would take place few moments before the death.

In most of the instances, this final erection takes place among men who committed suicide by hanging themselves. That’s mainly because of the downward pressure that is created from the cerebellum. However, it has been possible to notice this erection among men who die from other reasons as well.

  • A Penis can be broken

As you already know, there isn’t a bone in the penis. Due to the same reason, you might feel that there is no possibility for the penis to be broken. This fact is not true at all. There is in fact a possibility for you to break the penis. This can mainly take place while you are participating in vigorous sexual activities. On the other hand, your penis can also get broken when you fall from the bed while you are having an erection.

This is called as penis fracture. The penis will break along with a cracking sound or a popping sound. It will give life to intense swelling and plain. However, this can be treated swiftly. After proper treatments, the full functionality of the penis can be restored as well. Then you will be able to engage with the sexual activities again.

These are some of the most shocking and surprising facts about the penis! It is one of the most wonderful organs that we have in the body as well!

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