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Since the beginning of time size of the penis determined a man’s position in society as it was linked with masculinity. The bigger the penis the more masculine man was. And in old times being masculine meant you are more eligible for leading positions in society. Nowadays things have changed a bit. The human race turned to more immaterial things and intellectual features became more important. But even today the most successful men are those that are confident and sure of themselves, and what will boost your confidence more than being satisfied with the size of your penis? Many men think their penises are not big enough and would like to have a bigger looking penis. Today media are bombarding men with pictures and stories about men that have extra-sized penises (like girls are bombarded with pictures of skinny, perfect models) which does little (or nothing at all) for their confidence. Although there are medical ways to make your penis look bigger, which includes surgeries, penis implants or different kinds of medications, most men are not ready to go that far. There are far simpler tricks man can do to make his penis look bigger.

Choosing The Right Underwear

Believe it or not, choosing the right underwear may do a lot for bigger looking penis. The best underwear you can choose is boxer briefs. They are very comfortable to wear, have a lot of space yet they are tight enough to be able to support your penis. If you position your penis in the right manner, you will be surprised how much you accomplished just by choosing the right panties. Choosing the right color is very import too. Always go for light colors such as white as they make things appear bigger. The black color is known to make things visually smaller and you want to avoid that. You have to be careful about the material of your underpants too. Soft cotton is the best as is falls naturally and outlines your penis which makes it look more prominent and appear bigger.

Grooming Intimate Region

Besides maintaining hygiene, grooming of intimate region can make your penis look bigger. Too much hair around your penis can make your penis appear smaller than it actually is. Longer and denser pubic hair can “swallow” your penis which makes only a small part of it visible. When you trim that area, more will be visible and it will appear bigger. Once you feel how that area feels without hair, you will do it on a regular basis. It will not only make your penis look bigger it will also do wonders for your sex life, as many women like when men shave that hair off.

The Oldest Trick In The Book

You must have heard about it and you likely tried it more than once yourself. Stuffing things into your pants, like socks or another such kind of aids, is one of the surest ways to have a bigger looking penis. Be sure not to exaggerate. You want to keep it look natural. You don’t want to make it visible that it is a trick. Be careful about how you place them. The right position means the natural look. It is best that you do it in front of the mirror. Even you may feel tempted to stuff your pants with too much, don’t. You want to look more sexy and appealing and not ridiculous. So be moderate.

Losing Weight

When we are overweight fat is gathering in the pubic area. Just like with too much hair, too much fat will make your penis look smaller than it is. Losing weight will help reveal more of your penis and it will appear bigger. Losing weight will help your penis looks bigger in one more way. Since too much fat keeps blood from free flow, losing it will help blood supply your penis. More blood in your penis, bigger it will look. Not to mention other benefits of weight loss as well. You will become healthier and healthier body means healthier and bigger looking penis.

Natural Amino Acids

Natural amino acids are muscle builders. But they don’t just build muscles. They help vitamins and minerals penetrate body cells and help them grow. They also help blood vessels stay healthy and with a good flow rate. More blood flowing into your penis, the bigger it appears. Amino acids do need some time to start showing effects. It is not an instant solution and it is not a trick. Amino acids actually do help cells grow and they do build up muscles and make them bigger. Although the penis is not a muscle, it is an organ, amino acids indirectly help it look bigger. Amino acids are good for your health, they are all-natural, and even if they do not help change the size of your penis they will do wonders for your overall health so they are worth trying.

Male Modeling Trick

Let’s face it, male models look huge and always ready. Right? When you look at commercials for men’s underwear or masculine perfumes or cars or anything that is advertised by male models they are always wearing tight pants or panties and they look amazing. Is it possible they all have huge penises? Actually no. It’s a trick and if you learn it, you will be able to make your penis look much bigger than it actually is. This trick is called “tuck and lift”. It has three steps and they go like this: Step one: when you put on your underwear you pull them up, and then tuck your penis straight down. Step two: take your testicles along with your penis and lift them up and out. Step three: place the underwear over it gently. You will not believe the change this will bring. You will look more appealing and feel more confident. Just be careful when you pull up your pants as you don’t want to hurt yourself.

No matter what trick you use, remember it is only a trick. The bigger looking penis will not make your partner more satisfied. What is really important is that you know how to make your partner feel good. and it truly has little to do with the size of your penis

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