Simple but Effective Ways to Increase and Maintain Sexual Stamina

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You might be surprised, but most men can perform in bed long enough to satisfy their partner and Maintain Sexual Stamina. If your partner does not complain and does not remain dissatisfied, then everything is fine, and you don’t need to worry.

What vitamins help with sexual stamina? Faced with the problem of premature ejaculation, men turn to medications, herbs, or supplements, and many of them work. However, it will cost you a great sum. Of course, a loan for $400 can help you, but one of the surest ways to increase your endurance in bed is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The healthier a man is, the more energy he has that can be directed straight into the bedroom. Is sexual stamina genetic? Any man who wants to delay ejaculation should know that this can be achieved without medication. Whether you have a problem with premature ejaculation or just want to prolong pleasure, you should use the following tips.

In this article, we’ll show you some proven ways to improve your sexual stamina. Even though these are advice for men, women can also learn something important. Stay tuned to find out more!

Watch Your Breath

We have all heard about the “just think about something extremely unsexy” tip. This trick is necessary to avoid ejaculating too quickly. Is sexual stamina mental? The less your mind is attached to your body; the less control you have over it. You don’t need to be distracted! Do you want to feel all levels of sexual arousal? Do you want to focus all your attention on the pleasure you are getting? An easy way to manage your sexual stamina is to focus on relaxation and your breathing. 

Breathe deeply and let your muscles relax. You ejaculate prematurely when you are worried and overly stressed. “Fight or flight” – this reaction of your body is caused by muscle tension. You can avoid this by relaxing, extending the foreplay, and making sure that your breathing is deeper and calmer.


How to increase sexual stamina? Many men already know that when they masturbate a few hours before sex, it becomes easier to “run” a long distance. However, the erection may be weaker. Therefore, it is advisable to train endurance with your hand during masturbation and gradually increase it, delaying orgasm more and more.

Sleep More

Your testosterone, which is largely responsible for your sex drive, is produced during sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep regularly, your testosterone levels drop. Try to avoid bright light sources two hours before bed. Go to bed in a dark room where light or noise won’t disturb your sleep, and strive for at least 8 hours of rest per night. Your body’s testosterone production will skyrocket as your sleep improves. The extra testosterone will give your sexual stamina.

Train Your Pelvic Floor

Neither men nor women should forget about intimate muscles. With their help, we can control the process of urination. Meanwhile, the weakening of the muscular apparatus leads to a weak erection. From time to time, it is necessary to train intimate muscles, comparing the results with the help of a sexual stamina calculator. For this, Kegel exercises are suitable for both sexes.

Muscle training plays a huge role in increasing sexual stamina, but not the only one. Pay attention to the work of the cardiovascular system; regular cardio loads will benefit it. Walking, jogging, or swimming can help you demonstrate your endurance in the bedroom.


Stamina in bed is influenced by sedentary work, immobile lifestyle, poor diet, and lack of fluids. If everything is okay with you, but problems with the duration of intercourse remain, try to control your emotions. The best way to prolong sexual intercourse is to stop periodically to be able to control yourself and delay the moment of ejaculation. We hope these simple tips can help you. However, if you think your problem is not going away, see a specialist. 

Please share your tips on maintaining sexual stamina. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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