Will The Penis Shrink If It Is Not Used For A Long Time

Girls, It’s Really Different From What You Think…

How to judge the size of a penis is a simple question, after all, its approximate size can be known at a glance. But if you want to know whether this penis is used so “good or not”, this is a complicated question, because it requires a comprehensive evaluation by two people.


Let’s get to know PENIS first

Everyone knows where the penis is, and how penis is composed, it needs to be talked aboute in detail.

Penis is divided into three parts: head, body, and root. The back end is the phallus root which is like the root of a huge tree which is hidden inside dirt and cannot be seen or touched; the middle part is the phallic body, which looks like a cylinder and hangs in the anterior and inferior part of the pubic symphysis, it can swing; and the enlarged part of the anterior part of penis is the glans, and the tip of the glans has an external urethral opening.

Look, does penis looks like a big tree? There is a head(crown of a tree), a backbone(trunk), and a root…

There is a cavernous body inside penis. The inside of the cavernous body is composed of many trabeculae and cavities. These cavities are incredible! They are the same sinus space as the blood vessels. When they are congested, penis becomes thicker and harder, which is called erection. Otherwise it becomes thinner and softer.

Is There A Standard For The Size Of Penis?

Just like we are caring about our height and weight, some people are relatively small. When men go to the bathroom or take a bath in the bathhouse, most of them will sneak a glance at the size of others. While your girlfriend is chatting between her female friends, sometimes they may say a little bit of their men’s sizes.

Even when andrologist was in the clinic, he often met patients who came to see the male disease doctor and asked: “Why are other people’s penis so huge and long, why is my/partner’s so tiny?”  Speaking of people caring about the size of a penis, one has to talk about “phallicism.”

The phallicism is an ancient topic. In the past, humans are like animals, who had the most primitive instinct to reproduce. Perhaps in order to boost their tribes to grow and develop, many myths and totems about male and female genitals worship were created.

Priapus (Ancient Greek: Πρίαπος) is the god of reproduction in Greek mythology. He is famous for having a huge, permanently ever-erecting penis. In western languages, his name is the etymology of the term “priapism”. Priapus is a symbol of the productivity of nature, as well as a symbol of male sexual desire and sexual behavior.

There are also many cases of genitals worship in the East. Everyone can see the quality of the penis in genitals worship. So, based on such traditional culture, people gradually formed a concept: the bigger the penis, the better reproduction. Otherwise the man would have no masculinity and could not satisfy women’s sexual desire.

Today, too many people are misled by pron video like Xhamster and pornhub or pornography, thinking that “18cm per man” is normal. But is it really so?  I want to ask you a question: what kind of person is called tall man and what kind of person is called the short?

Most people still focus on the range of 160cm~180cm. But looking at the whole world, the height of men and women in Europe and the United States is generally higher than that of Asians; from the perspective of various regions in Asia, the difference in height between men and women in North and South is also more obvious. Can we think that the sizes caused by this regional difference is abnormal? Therefore, penis also needs to analyze the specific circumstances.

In fact, there is a study on the length measurement of penis, which shows that the average length of penis in the natural state is 8.20cm, and the average length of the penis is 13.650cm when it has erection. Another report from the Hong Kong Journal of Andrology mentioned that the natural length of the adult penis is 4.82~6.78cm.


How To Measure The Penis?

So, how to measure the penis?

The measurement of the length of the penis includes the length in a normal droopy state and the length when it is fully erected; in addition, the thickness of the penis, which is the circumference of the penis, needs to be measured.

Note, don’t hustle to measuring now!

The length of the penis in a droopy state may be affected by the environment, temperature, psychological state, etc., so direct comparison is not objective and precise. The measurement of the length when fully extended is to measure the erection length of the penis or the traction length of the penis. These two aspects can more objectively reflect the length of the penis after it is fully raised.


Length Measurement

The measurement of erection length can be done when the penis is fully erected, with one end of the rigid ruler against the pubic symphysis (the bones of the body of the penis) with a little force to compress the subcutaneous fat layer as much as possible, and the other end is based on the outer urethral opening of the glans. The length of the foreskin is not included), the number read is the length of the erection.

The length of the penis after erection in Asia is mostly concentrated in 10~13cm; while the reports in the world are mostly 9~16cm, indicating that the length of the penis is related to factors such as race and region. But for individuals, the length after erection ≥ 8cm can be considered normal.


Thickness Measurement

Thickness is measured by measuring the position around the middle of the penis with a soft ruler after bouncing up. The length of the circumference is generally 7~12cm.  In fact, the penis length of most men is within the normal range. As I said earlier, the length of the penis in a droopy state will be affected by the environment, temperature, mental state, etc. It is not objective in comparison, so those men who sneak a glance in the toilet or bathhouse, you may see one penis is not objective.

From a female perspective, a partner has a thick and long penis, which does not play a decisive and vital role in sexual life.

According to surveys, only 22% of women think that the size of the man’s penis plays an important role in the sex activities, while 78% of women think it is not vital factor.

There is also a global sexual health survey of more than 12,500 people (including 6,291 men and 6,272 women). The results show that 94% of men and 87% of women believe that erectile stiffness is an important condition for a satisfactory sex life.


How To Judge The Hardness Of The Penis?

Penile hardness classification

Level 1: The penis is enlarged but not hard(it feels like soft tofu)

Level 2: The penis has hardness, but not enough to penetrate the vagina; (it feels like a peeled banana)

Level 3: The erection of the penis can be inserted into the vagina, but it is not fully firm; (it feels like a banana with the skin)

Grade 4: The penis is fully erect and firm. (Fresh cucumber, this is women’s favorite)


Several Rumors About Penis

Fat people have small penis?

Seeing is not necessarily believing. Obese men often cause the penis to be buried in fat due to the excessive thickness of the fat. Looking at it, the penis is short. This situation is not caused by abnormal development of the penis, but because of obesity.

In this case, through physical exercise, diet control, and weight loss, the “penis” buried in fat can return to the past and rise again.

Obesity causes the penis to look small, mainly because it is covered by belly fat! Generally speaking, a fat man’s penis looks short, not really short, but is covered by fat. How do you get sexual pleasure before losing weight? Fat people like us want to have sex. The most convenient and quick way I have used is to use a glans stimulator. This Sohimi Leisure Penis Head Vibrator can stimulate the most sensitive parts of your sexual organs. It will reach climax quickly when it is so cool that it is flying. It is convenient and convenient. It’s refreshing, and it’s easy to wash it, and it’s easy to carry! When the travel time is not enough, this can solve your needs in a short time.

Can the penis grow twice?

After the male matures, the size of the penis basically does not change. Those who claim that they can stimulate the secondary development of the penis through food supplements and medicines are either quackers or fake doctors. And you could use male sex toys to help your time.

For some people who don’t use the penis often, using a penis enlargement device may make the muscles of the penis more congested and fuller short chains after adequate exercise. People who do workouts in the gym every day can still make themselves look bigger in one year. By the same token, if you use a penis enlarger a year later, your penis condition will be improved. Not only that, you can use it to exercise the durability of the penis is controlled subconsciously every time you want to ejaculate. Slowly you can last longer in sex to make your partner love you more.


Will the penis become smaller if it is not used for a long time?

In adulthood, the size of the penis will not grow again, nor will it become smaller. In fact, This theory is ill-founded no matter how it is said. If it becomes smaller if it is not used, those people who have been using it have not seen his penis grow up.

However, in terms of functions, problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation may occur due to long-term use or too frequent use. If an adult male does not have a sexual partner, it is best to ejaculate by masturbation once every week, which is good for maintaining normal penile erection and preventing prostatitis.

If you don’t use it for a long time, the penis won’t get smaller, but it may get weaker. During your breakup with your girlfriend, it’s necessary to masturbate once a week, which can let you ejaculate your older sperm, refresh yourself, and make it last longer the next time you enter a new relationship, rather than make the other person dissatisfied because you haven’t used it for a long time. You know, the first several love-makings may decide whether or not she will continue to accompany you.If you have the power of money, well… forget what I said.

This Alice of male sex toys is very gentle, like a virgin’s vagina and strength, which can’t be compared by hand. There’s nothing wrong with using it to meet your needs when you’re single.


A normal penis is like the fish in Amazon river-swimming all over the water, but it is not easy to find the right size matching. If you are under growth, you could try some best male sex toys or cheap male sex toys with high quality online and to train your penis.

Regardless of length or thickness, they are all biologically unlikely to change, but in sex, feelings and skills are the more important part. Atmosphere creation, emotional involvement, hugs, kisses, caress… Flexible use of various techniques can contribute to the improvement of the quality of sexual life. Remember, feelings are the best “aphrodisiac” and be true to yourself.