The Lost Art Of Sexting!

In the current climate of controlling your lovers pleasure with a We-Vibe, or being fully immersed with Kiiroo toys, combined with the ability to send high definition photos, it seems the art of a sext message has been lost. The following is a transcript of just how hot things can still get, just with the use of words.




Currently lying naked in my bed. Imagining my

arms wrapped around your post coital body.


Feeling your skin against mine, your breath

on the back of my neck


Smell of you hair.


Goosebumps beneath my fingertips.


My fingers are in my underwear.


My tongue is jealous.


How amazing would that feel?


Hot and wet.


Think it would taste equally amazing.


Pressing my tongue in the folds of your vulva.


Circling your clit.


A finger or two in your wet pussy, arching

on your g-spot.


Oh yeah, fuck that feels good


Fucking your fingers and tongue, moving my hips


I am so fucking hard


I’m so wet.

Wishing I was riding your cock.


Fuck yes


While you hold hard on my hips


Make sure to drive myself as deep into

you as possible


While you grind hard on me




That will be the first in many positions that

will test your stamina and flexibility


I’m one of the most flexible people you’ll

ever meet


Challenge accepted


As to with the blowjob


Tell me to come.


You’re not allowed to yet


Fuck, I need to!


I withdraw my cock from your pussy


Reapply my mouth and devour you


Oh god yes


You well lubricated from my saliva?


And from the rest of it!


I use all of that, and pop a finger into your



I love that


Give me two fingers


You’re welcome


Fuck your ass is amazing


Thank you


So is your tongue


You wanna fuck my ass?


Are you sure?


Wouldn’t ask otherwise.



Damn, girl


You ready for it though?


I think I can take you


Fuck, it’s so tight


You make it feel tight, baby


I’m so close


You’re not allowed to come yet




If you’re gonna cum, you better cum

inside my pussy


I can arrange that


You’re not going ass to pussy


Ur going ass to mouth




And then you’re gonna fuck my tits


Has anyone ever told you you’re the perfect woman?




You are




I’m seriously about to come everywhere


Not yet you’re not


We’re not even close




Too bad for you


I’m enjoying this


Your cock deep in me


Bring it to my mouth


You’re on


God you taste good


That’s you


God I taste good




I can feel your mouth on my cock


Deep throating you, mother fucker.

Like a good girl




Good girls can be so bad


You have no idea


I’m beginning to


I’m holding my tits together. Are you

gonna fuck em


Don’t have to ask twice


So soft. Smooth, huge…


Your cock is so big


Insignificant in your cleavage


Love you see your head there


I think it should go back in your mouth




In my pussy




I’m so close


Dripping wet here


My balls are ready to explode


I want you to come inside me


After you


Such a gentleman


So deep in you


I can feel your balls slapping against me


I can hear your juices


You have no idea


Come for me baby


Gawd yes






Right behind you babe




That was amazing babe


Still so wet, still playing with my pussy




Did you fall asleep?




You always fall asleep


Night then xx



Contributed by one of our friends at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.